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encounter of those royal combatants, resembling that scene of yore when Rudra, filled with rage, had destroyed all creatures.  Human arms and heads and bows, O Bharata, and umbrellas displaced (from cars), and yak-tails, were seen lying in heaps on the field of battle.  The earth became quickly strewn with broken wheels and cars, and massive arms lopped off from trunks, and brave horsemen deprived of life.  And, O foremost one among the Kurus, large number of warriors, mangled with falling arrows, were seen in that great battle to roll and writhe on the ground in agony of the last spasms of death.  During the progress of that terrible battle, resembling the encounter in days of old between the celestials and the Asuras, king Yudhishthira the just, addressing his warriors, said, Putting forth all your vigour, rush, ye great car-warriors, against the Pot-born!  Yonder the heroic son of Prishata is engaged with Drona!  He is endeavouring to the utmost of his might, to slay the son of Bharadwaja.  Judging from the aspect he is presenting in this great battle, it is evident that filled with rage, he will today overthrow Drona.  Uniting together, all of you fight with the Pot-born.’  Thus ordered by Yudhishthira, the mighty car-warriors of the Srinjayas all rushed with great vigour to slay the son of Bharadwaja.  That mighty car-warrior, viz., Bharadwaja’s son, quickly rushed against those advancing warriors, knowing for certain that he would die.  When Drona, of sure aim, thus proceeded, the earth trembled violently.  Fierce winds began to blow, inspiring the (hostile) ranks with fear.  Large meteors fell, seemingly issuing out of the sun, blazing fiercely as they fell and foreboding great terrors.  The weapons of Drona, O sire, seemed to blaze forth.  Cars seemed to produce loud rattles, and steeds to shed tears.  The mighty car-warrior, Drona, seemed to be divested of his energy, His left eye and left hand began to twitch.  Beholding Prishata’s son, again, before him, and bearing in mind the words of the Rishis about his leaving the world for heaven, he became cheerless.  He then desired to give up life by fighting fairly.  Encompassed on all sides by the troops of Drupada’s son, Drona began to career in battle, consuming large numbers of Kshatriyas.  That grinder of foes, having slain four and twenty thousand Kshatriyas, then despatched to Yama’s abode ten times ten thousand, by means of his shafts of keen points.  Exerting himself with care, he seemed to stand in that battle like a smokeless fire.  For the extermination of the Kshatriya race, he then had recourse to the Brahma weapon.  Then the mighty Bhima, beholding the illustrious and irresistible prince of the Panchalas carless and weaponless, quickly proceeded towards him.  Beholding him striking at Drona from a near point, that grinder of foes took up Dhrishtadyumna on his own car and said unto him, ’Save thee there is no other man that can venture to fight with the preceptor.  Be quick to slay
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