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splendour.  In that dreadful battle, he felled the heads of the Panchalas and cut off their massive arms, looking like spiked maces and decked with golden ornaments.  Indeed, those Kshatriyas, slaughtered in battle by Bharadwaja’s son fell down on the earth and lay scattered like trees uprooted by the tempest.  In consequence of fallen elephants and steeds, O Bharata, the earth, miry with flesh and blood, became impassable.  Having slain twenty thousand Panchala car-warriors, Drona, in that battle, shone resplendent like a smokeless, blazing fire.  Once more filled with rage, the valiant son of Bharadwaja cut off, with a broad-headed arrow, the head of Vasudana from his trunk.  Once more slaying five hundred Matsyas, and six thousand elephants, he slew ten thousand steeds.  Beholding Drona stationed on the field for the extermination of the Kshatriya race, the Rishis Viswamitra, and Jamadagni, and Bharadwaja, and Gautama, and Vasishtha, and Kasyapa, and Atri, and the Srikatas, the Prisnis, Garga, the Valkhilyas, the Marichis, the descendants of Bhrigu and Angiras, and diverse other sages of subtle forms quickly came thither, with the Bearer of sacrificial libations at their head, and, desirous of taking Drona unto the region of Brahman, addressed Drona, that ornament of battle, and said, ’Thou art fighting unrighteously.  The hour of thy death is come.  Laying aside thy weapons in battle, O Drona, behold us stationed here.  After this, it behoveth thee not to perpetrate such exceedingly cruel deeds.  Thou art versed in the Vedas and their branches.  Thou art devoted to the duties enjoined by truth, especially, thou art a Brahmana.  Such acts do not become thee.  Lay aside thy weapons.  Drive away the film of error that shrouds thee.  Adhere now to the eternal path.  The period for which thou art to dwell in the world of men is now full.  Thou hast, with the Brahma weapon, burnt men on earth that are unacquainted with weapons.  This act that thou hast perpetrated, O regenerate one, is not righteous.  Lay aside thy weapons in battle without delay, O Drona, do not wait longer on earth.  Do not, O regenerate one, perpetrate such a sinful act.’  Hearing these words of their as also those spoken by Bhimasena, and beholding Dhrishtadyumna before him, Drona became exceedingly cheerless in battle.  Burning with grief and exceedingly afflicted, he enquired of Kunti’s son Yudhishthira as to whether his son (Aswatthaman) had been slain or not.  Drona firmly believed that Yudhishthira would never speak an untruth even for the sake of the sovereignty of the three worlds.  For this reason, that bull among Brahmanas asked Yudhishthira and not any body else.  He had hoped for truth from Yudhishthira from the latter’s infancy.

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