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kinds of shafts in profusion and diverse kinds of other weapons in that encounter.  Bhimasena also filled with wrath, continued to fight with the Suta’s son.  When the engagement became general ant confused, (Yudhishthira) the son of Dharma, addressing all the foremost of warriors among the Panchalas and the Matsyas, said, ’They that are our life, they that are our heads, they amongst us that are endued with great strength, those bulls among men are all engaged with the Dhartarashtras.  Why do ye then stand thus, as if stupefied and deprived of your senses?  Proceed thither where those car-warriors of my army are fighting.  Driving away your fears and keeping in view the duties of Kshatriyas (engage in fight), for then conquering or slain ye will gain desirable goals.  If you prove victors, you may perform diverse sacrifices with profuse gifts to Brahmanas.  If, on the other hand, you are slain, becoming then equals of the celestials, you will win many regions of blessedness.  Thus urged by the king, those heroic and mighty car-warriors engaged in battle, observant of Kshatriya duties, quickly proceeded against Drona.  The Panchalas then, from one side, assailed Drona with innumerable arrows, while others headed by Bhimasena began to resist him from another side.  The Pandavas had three crooked-minded mighty car-warriors amongst them.  They were Bhimasena and the twins (Nakula and Sahadeva).  These addressed Dhananjaya loudly and said, ’Rush, O Arjuna, with speed and drive away the Kurus from Drona’s vicinity.  If the preceptor can be derived of his protectors, the Panchalas may then slay him easily.’  Thus addressed, Partha suddenly rushed against the Kauravas, while Drona rushed against the Panchalas headed by Dhrishtadyumna.  Indeed, on that the fifth day (of Drona’s command) those heroic combatants, O Bharata, were grounded and crushed with great-celerity (by Bharadwaja’s son.)”


“Sanjaya said, ’Then Drona caused a great carnage among the Panchalas, like the slaughter caused by Sakra himself in rage amongst the Danavas in the days of yore.  The great car-warriors of the Pandava army, endued with might and energy, though slaughtered, O king, by Drona’s weapons, were not yet afraid of Drona in that battle.  Indeed, O monarch, those mighty car-warriors, viz., the Panchalas and the Srinjayas, all rushed against Drona himself, for fighting with him.  Loud and fierce were the yells they uttered as they rushed towards Drona for encompassing him on all sides and were slaughtered by him with shafts and darts.  Beholding the slaughter of the Panchalas in that battle by the illustrious Drona, and seeing his, weapons overwhelm all sides, fear entered the hearts of the Pandavas.  Beholding that dreadful carnage of steeds and human beings in that battle, the Pandavas, O monarch, became hopeless of victory. (They began to say unto each other) ’Is it not evident that Drona, that warrior conversant

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