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with rage, quickly pierced (Satyaki), that bull amongst the Sinis, with ten arrows.  And Karna pierced him with ten arrows, and thy son with seven, and Vrishasena pierced him with ten, and Suvala’s son with seven.  In that impervious wall of Kauravas around the grandson of Sini, these also stationed themselves, encompassing him.  Beholding Drona slaughtering the Pandava army in that battle, the Somakas quickly pierced him from every side with showers of arrows.  Then Drona began to take the lives of Kshatriyas, O monarch, like the sun destroying darkness around him by his rays.  We then heard, O monarch, a loud uproar amongst the Panchalas, who called upon one another, while they were being slaughtered by Drona.  Some abandoning sons, some sires, some brothers, some uncles, some their sister’s sons, some their relatives and kinsmen, fled away with speed, for saving their own lives.  Some, again, deprived of their senses, ran against Drona himself.  Indeed, many were the combatants of the Pandava army that were then despatched to the other world.  Thus afflicted by that illustrious hero, the Pandava host, that night, O king, fled away, throwing down their blazing torches all around, in the very sight of Bhimasena and Arjuna and Krishna and the twins and Yudhishthira and Prishata’s son.  The world being enveloped in darkness, nothing could be seen.  In consequence of the light that was amongst the Katirava troops, the flight of the foe could be ascertained.  Those mighty car-warriors, viz., Drona and Karna, O king, pursued the flying host, scattering numerous shafts.  Seeing the Panchalas slaughtered and routed, Janardana becoming cheerless, said these words unto Phalguna, ’Dhrishtadyumna and Satyaki, accompanied by the Panchalas, had proceeded against those great bowmen, viz., Drona and Karna, shooting many shafts.  This large host of ours hath been broken and routed (by them) with showers of arrows.  Though their flight is sought to be checked, they are still incapable of being rallied, O son of Kunti!—­Beholding the host fly away, through fear, ye Pandava warriors, cast away your fears!  Accompanied by all the forces and arraying then, in good order, both of us, with uplifted weapons, are even now proceeding against Drona and the Suta’s son for withstanding them.’  Then Janardana beholding Vrikodara advancing, once more addressed Arjuna, the son of Pandu, as if for gladdening him, in these words, ’Yonder Bhima, who taketh delight in battle, surrounded by the Somakas and the Pandavas, is coming against those mighty car-warriors, viz., Drona and Karna.  Supported by him, as also by the many mighty car-warriors among the Pandavas, fight now, O son of Pandu, for assuring all your troops.’[228] Then those two tigers among men, viz., the son of Pandu and he of Madhu’s race, approaching Drona and Karna, took up their station at the head of battle.’

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