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son of Prishata.  And that warrior of immeasurable soul then caused the Panchalas in hundreds and thousands, by means of his straight shafts, to fly away.  Beholding those feats of Drona’s son, resembling those of Vasava himself in battle, the Pandava host, O bull of Bharata race, began to tremble in fear.  Slaying a hundred Panchalas with a hundred arrows, and three foremost of men with three keen arrows, in the very sight of Drupada’s son and of Phalguna, that mighty car-warrior, viz., the son of Drona, slew a very large number of Panchalas that stayed before him.  The Panchalas then, as also the Srinjayas, thus disconcerted in battle, fled away leaving Drona’s son, with their banners torn.  Then that mighty car-warrior, viz., the son of Drona, having vanquished his foes in battle, uttered a loud roar like that of a mass of clouds at the end of summer.  Having slain a large number of foes, Aswatthaman looked resplendent like the blazing fire at the end of the Yuga, after having consumed all creatures.  Applauded by all the Kauravas after having defeated thousands of foes in battle, the valiant son of Drona beamed forth in beauty, like the chief of the celestials himself after vanquishing his foes’.”


“Sanjaya said, ’Then king Yudhishthira, and Bhimasena, the son of Pandu, O monarch, encompassed Drona’s son on all sides.  Seeing this, king Duryodhana, aided by Bharadwaja’s son, rushed against the Pandavas in that encounter.  Then commenced a battle that was fierce and terrific, enhancing the fears of the timid.  Yudhishthira, in wrath began to despatch vast numbers of Amvashthas, Malavas, Vangas, Sivis, and Trigartas, to the domain of the dead.  Bhima also, mangling the Abhishahas, the Surasenas, and other Kshatriyas difficult to defeat in battle, made the earth miry with blood.  The diademdecked (Arjuna) of white steeds despatched, O king, the Yaudheyas, the Mountaineers, the Madrakas, and the Malavas also, to the regions of the dead.  Forcibly struck with swiftly-coursing shafts, elephants began to fall down on the earth like double-crested hills.  Strewn with the lopped-off trunks elephants that still moved in convulsions, the earth seemed as if covered with moving snakes.  Covered with the fallen umbrellas of kings that were adorned with gold, the field of battle looked resplendent like the firmament at the end of the Yuga bespangled with suns, moons and stars.  About this time a fierce uproar arose near Drona’s car, in the midst of which could be heard the words, ‘Slay’, ‘Strike fearlessly’, ‘Pierce’, ‘cut in pieces’.  Drona, however, filled with rage, began to destroy by means of the Vayavya weapon the foes about him, like a mighty tempest destroying gathering masses of clouds.  Thus treated by Drona, the Panchalas fled away, from fear, in the very sight to Bhimasena and the high-souled Partha.  Then the diadem-decked (Arjuna) and Bhimasena soon checked

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