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in battle, for doing what is agreeable to thee, O chastiser of foes.  Scorched with my arrows today, the Chedis, the Panchalas, and the Somakas, will fly away on all sides like a herd of kine afflicted by a lion.  Today, the royal son of Dharma with all the Somakas, beholding my prowess, will regard the whole world to be filled with Aswatthamans.  Dharma’s son, Yudhishthira, will become exceedingly cheerless, beholding the Panchalas and Somakas slain (by me) in battle.  I will, O Bharata, slay all those that will approach me in battle.  Afflicted with the might of my arms, none of them, O hero, will escape me today with life.’  Having said so unto thy son, Duryodhana, the mighty-armed (Aswatthaman) proceeded to battle, and afflicted all bowmen.  That foremost of all living beings thus sought to achieve what was agreeable to thy sons.  The son of Gotama’s daughter, then addressing the Panchalas and the Kaikeyas, said unto them, ’Ye mighty car-warriors, strike ye all at my body.  Displaying your lightness in the use of arms, fight ye with me coolly.’  Thus addressed by him, all those combatants, O king, poured showers of weapons upon Drona’s son like clouds pouring torrents of rain.  Baffling that shower, Drona’s son in that battle, slew ten brave warriors amongst them, in the very sight, O lord, of Dhrishtadyumna and the sons of Pandu.  The Panchalas and the Somakas then, thus worked in battle, abandoned the son of Drona and fled away in all directions.  Beholding those brave warriors, viz., the Panchalas and the Somakas, flying away, Dhrishtadyumna, O king, rushed against Drona’s son in that battle.  Surrounded then by a hundred brave and unreturning car-warriors mounted upon cars, decked with gold, and the rattle of whose wheels resembled the roar or rain-charged clouds, the mighty car-warrior Dhrishtadyumna, the son of the Panchala king, beholding his warriors slain, addressed Drona’s son and said these words, ’O foolish son of the preceptor, what is the use of slaying vulgar combatants.  If thou art a hero, fight then with me in battle.  I will slay thee.  Wait for a moment without flying away.’  Saying thus, Dhrishtadyumna of great prowess struck the preceptor’s son with many keen and terrible arrows capable of piercing the very vitals.  Those swiftly-coursing shafts, equipped with golden wings and keen points, and capable of piercing the body of every foe proceeding in a continuous line, penetrated into Aswatthaman’s body, like freely-roaming bees in search of honey entering a flowering tree.  Deeply pierced and swelling with rage, like a trodden snake, the proud and fearless son of Drona, arrow in hand, addressed his foe, saying, ’O Dhrishtadyumna, wait for moment, without leaving my presence.’  Soon shall I despatch thee to Yama’s abode with my keen shafts.’  Having said these words, that slayer of hostile heroes, viz., the son of Drona, displaying great lightness of hands, covered the son of Prishata from every side with clouds of
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