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O chastiser of foes, go thither with speed.  Whether thou accomplishest it now or afterwards, that feat, O sire, should be accomplished by thee.  Thou hast been born, O mighty-armed one, for the destruction of the Panchalas.  Putting forth thy prowess, thou shalt make the world destitute of Panchalas.  Even thus the reverend ones crowned with (ascetic) success, have said.  It will be as they have said.  Therefore, O tiger among men, slay the Panchalas with all their followers.  The very gods with Vasava at their head are incapable of staying within the range of thy weapons, what need be said then of the Parthas and the Panchalas?  These words of mine are true.  I tell thee truly, O hero, that the Pandavas united with the Somakas are no match for thee in battle!  Go, O mighty-armed one!  Let there be no delay.  Behold, our army, afflicted with Partha’s shafts, is breaking and flying away.  Thou art competent, O mighty-armed one, aided by thy own celestial energy, to afflict, O giver of honours, the Pandavas and the Panchalas.’”


“Sanjaya said, ’Thus addressed by Duryodhana, Drona’s son, that warrior difficult of defeat in battle, set his heart upon destroying the foe, like Indra bent upon destroying the Daityas.  The mighty-armed Aswatthaman answered thy son, saying, ’It is even so as thou sayest, O descendant of Kuru!  The Pandavas are always dear to both myself and my father.  So also, are we both dear unto them.  Not so, however, in battle.  We will, according to the measure of our might, fearlessly contend in battle, reckless of our lives.  Myself, Karna, Salya, Kripa, and Hridika’s son, could, O best of kings, destroy the Pandava host within the twinkling of an eye.  The Pandavas also, O best of the Kurus, could within the twinkling of an eye, destroy the Kaurava host, if, O mighty-armed one, we were not present in battle.  We are fighting with the Pandavas to the best of our might, and they also are fighting with us to the best of their might.  Energy, encountering energy, is being neutralised, O Bharata!  The Pandava army is incapable of being vanquished as long as the sons of Pandu are alive.  This that I tell thee is true.  The sons of Pandu are endued with great might.  They are, again, fighting for their own sake.  Why should not they, O Bharata, be able to slay thy troops.  Thou, however, O king, art exceedingly covetous.  Thou, O Kaurava, art deceitful.  Thou art vainglorious and suspicious of everything.  For this, thou suspectest even us.  I think, O king, thou art wicked, of sinful soul, and an embodiment of sin.  Mean and of sinful thoughts, thou doubtest us and others.  As regards myself, fighting with resolution for thy sake, I am prepared to lay down my life.  I will presently go to battle for thy sake, O chief of the Kurus.  I will fight with the foe and slay a large number of the enemy.  I will fight with the Panchalas, the Somakas, the Kaikeyas, and the Pandayas also,

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