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Phalguna.  Encountering my prowess, Phalguna shall never be able to bear it, like the ocean, the abode of makaras, unable to overcome the continents.’  Thus saying, the king proceeded in rage, his eyes red in wrath, surrounded by a large host, towards Phalguna.  Beholding the mighty-armed Duryodhana thus proceeding, Saradwat’s son, approaching Aswatthaman, said these words, ’Yonder, the mighty-armed Duryodhana, deprived of his senses by wrath, desireth to fight with Phalguna, like an insect desiring to rush into a blazing fire.  Before this foremost of kings layeth down his life, in our very sight, in this battle with Partha, prevent him (from rushing into the encounter).  The brave Kuru king can remain alive in battle as long only as he doth not place himself within the range of Partha’s shafts.  Let the king be stopped before he is consumed into ashes by the terrible shafts of Partha, that resemble snakes just freed from their sloughs.  When we are here, O giver of honours, it seems to be highly improper that the king should himself go to battle to fight, as if he had none to fight for him.  The life of this descendant of Kuru will be in great danger if he engages in battle with the diademdecked (Arjuna), like that of an elephant contending with a tiger.’  Thus addressed by his maternal uncle, Drona’s son, that foremost of all wielders of weapons, quickly repaired unto Duryodhana and addressing him, said these words, ’When I am alive, O son of Gandhari, it behoveth thee not to engage thyself in battle, disregarding me, O descendant of Kuru, that am ever desirous of thy good.  Thou needst not be at all anxious about vanquishing Partha.  I will check Partha!  Stand here, O Suyodhana.’

“Duryodhana said, ’The preceptor (Drona) always protecteth the sons of Pandu, as if they are his own sons.  Thou also always never interferest with those my foes.  Or, it may be due to my misfortune, that thy prowess never becometh fierce in battle.  This may be due also to thy affection for Yudhishthira or Draupadi.  I myself am ignorant of the true reason.  Fie on my covetous self, for whose sake all friends, desirous of making me happy, are themselves vanquished and plunged into grief.  Except thee, O son of Gotama’s daughter, what foremost of all wielders of weapons of there, what warrior, indeed, equal to Mahadeva himself in battle, that would not, though competent, destroy the foe?  O Aswatthaman; be pleased with me and destroy my enemies.  Neither the gods nor the Danavas are capable of staying within the range of thy weapons, O son of Drona, slay the Panchalas and the Somakas with all their followers.  As regards the rest, we will slay them, Protected by thee.  Yonder, O Brahmana, the Somakas and the Panchalas, possessed of great fame, are careering amid my troops like a forest-conflagration.  O mighty-armed one, check them as also the Kailkeyas, O best of men, else, protected by the diadem-decked (Arjuna), they will annihilate us all.  O Aswatthaman,

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