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“Sanjaya continued, ’Thus saying, Aswatthaman made a furious rush at Karna.  The king himself, of great energy, and Kripa, that foremost of men, held him fast.  Then Karna said, ’Of wicked understanding, this wretch of a Brahmana thinks himself brave and boasts of his prowess in battle.  Set him at liberty, O chief of the Kurus.  Let him come in contact with my might.’

“Aswatthaman said, ’O son of a Suta, O thou of wicked understanding, this (thy fault) is pardoned by us.  Phalguna, however, will quell this risen pride of thine.’

“Duryodhana said, ’O Aswatthaman, quell thy wrath.  It behoveth thee, O giver of honours, to forgive.  Thou shouldst not, O sinless one, be angry with the Suta’s son.  Upon thee and Karna and Kripa and Drona and the ruler of the Madras and Suvala’s son resteth a great burthen.  Drive away thy wrath, O best of Brahmanas!  Yonder, all the Pandava troops are approaching from desire of fight with Radha’s son.  Indeed, O Brahmana, yonder they come, challenging us all.’

“Sanjaya continued, ’Thus pacified by the king, the high-souled son of Drona, O monarch, whose ire had been excited, suppressed his wrath and forgave (Karna).  Then the preceptor Kripa, of noble heart, who is of a quite disposition, O monarch, and mild temper, therefore, returned soon unto him, said these words.’

“Kripa, said, ’O Suta’s son of wicked heart, this (thy fault) is pardoned by us.  Phalguna, however, will quell this thy risen pride.’

“Sanjaya continued, ’Then the Pandavas, O king, and the Panchalas, celebrated for their prowess, uniting together approached in thousands, uttering loud shouts; Karna also, that foremost of car-warriors, endued with great energy, surrounded by many foremost ones among the Kuru warriors and resembling Sakra in the midst of the celestials, waited, drawing his bow and relying on the might of his own arms.  Then commenced a battle between Karna and the Pandavas.  O king, that was exceedingly dreadful and characterised by loud leonine roars.  Then Pandavas, O monarch, and the Panchalas, celebrated for their prowess, beholding the mighty-armed Karna, loudly shouted, saying, ‘There is Karna,’ ’Where is Karna in this fierce battle.’—­’O thou of wicked understanding, O lowest of men, fight with us!’—­Others, beholding the son of Radha said, with eyes expanded In wrath, ’Let this arrogant wretch of little understanding, this son of a Suta, be slain by the allied kings.  He hath no need to live.  This sinful man is always very hostile to the Parthas.  Obedient to the counsels of Duryodhana, this one is the root of these evils.  Slay him.’  Uttering such words, great Kshatriya car-warriors, urged by Pandu’s son, rushed towards him, covering him with a dense shower of arrows, for slaying him.  Beholding all those mighty Pandavas thus (advancing), the Suta’s son, trembled not, nor experienced any fear.  Indeed, seeing that wonderful sea of troops, resembling Death himself, that benefactor

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