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Dhrishtadyumna, and Sikhandin and Janamejaya, the son of Durmuksha and Chandrasen, and Madrasen, and Kritavarman, Dhruva, and Dhara and Vasuchandra, and Sutejana, the sons of Drupada, and Drupada himself, conversant with high and mighty weapons, and the king of the Matsyas also, with his younger brothers, all resolutely struggling for their sake, and Gajanika, and Virabhadra, and Sudarsana, and Srutadhwaja, and Valanika, and Jayanika, and Jayaprya, and Vijaya and Labhalaksha, and Jayaswa, and Kamaratha, and the handsome brothers of Virata, and the twins (Nakula and Sahadeva), and the (five) sons of Draupadi, and the Rakshasa Ghatotkacha, are all fighting for the Pandavas.  The sons of Pandu, therefore, will not meet with destruction.  These and many other hosts (of heroes) are for the sons of Pandu.  Without doubt, the entire universe, with the celestials, Asuras, and human beings, with all the tribes of Yaksha and Rakshas and with all the elephants and snakes and other creatures, can be annihilated by Bhima and Phalguna by the prowess of their weapons.  As regards Yudhishthira also, he can, with angry eyes only, consume the whole world.  How, O Karna, canst thou venture to vanquish those foes in battle for whom Sauri of immeasurable might hath clad himself in mail?  This, O Suta’s son, is a great folly on thy part, since thou always venturest to contend with Sauri himself in battle.’

“Sanjaya continued, ’Thus addressed (by Kripa), Karna the son of Radha, O bull of Bharata’s race, smiling the while, said these words unto the preceptor Kripa, the son of Saradwat, ’The words thou hast spoken about the Pandavas, O Brahmana, are all true.  These and many other virtues are to be seen in the sons of Pandu.  It is true also that the Parthas are incapable of being vanquished by the very gods with Vasava at their head, and the Daityas, the Yakshas, and the Rakshasas.  For all that I will vanquish the Parthas with the help of the dart given me by Vasava.  Thou knowest, O Brahmana, that the dart given by Sakra is incapable of being baffled.  With that I will slay Savyasachin in battle.  Upon Arjuna’s fall, Krishna and the uterine brothers of Arjuna will never be able to enjoy the (sovereignty of the) earth without Arjuna (to aid them).  All of them, therefore, will perish.  This earth then, with her seas, will remain subject to the chief of the Kurus, O Gautama, without costing him any efforts.  In this world everything, without doubt, becomes attainable by policy.  Knowing this, I indulge in these roars, O Gautama!  As regards thyself, thou art old, a Brahmana by birth, and unskilled in battle.  Thou bearest much love for the Pandavas.  It is for this thou insultest me thus.  If, O Brahmana, thou tellest me again such words as these, I shall, then, drawing out my scimitar, cut off thy tongue, O wretch!  Thou desirest, O Brahmana, to applaud the Pandavas, for frightening all the troops and the Kauravas, O thou of wretched understanding!  As regards this also,

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