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“Sanjaya said, ’Beholding that vast host of the Pandavas swelling with rage and regarding it to be incapable of being resisted, thy son Duryodhana. addressing Karna, said these words, ’O thou that art devoted to friends, that hour hath now come in respect of thy friends (when thy help is most needed).  O Karna, save in battle all my warriors.  Our combatants are now encompassed on all sides by the Panchalas, the Kaikeyas, the Matsyas, and the mighty car-warriors of the Pandavas, all filled, with rage and resembling hissing snakes.  Yonder the Pandavas, solicitous of victory, are roaring in joy.  The vast car-force of the Panchalas is possessed of the prowess of Sakra himself.’

“Karna replied, ’If Purandara himself were to come hither for saving Partha, quickly vanquishing even him, I would slay that son or Pandu.  I tell thee truly.  Be cheered, O Bharata!  I will slay the son of Pandu and all the assembled Panchalas, I will give thee victory, like Pavaka’s son giving victory unto Vasava.  I shall do what is agreeable to thee in this battle that has begun.  Amongst all the Parthas, Phalguna is the strongest.  At him I will hurl the fatal dart of Sakra’s workmanship.  Upon the death of that great bowman, his brothers, O giver of honour, will either surrender themselves unto thee or once more retire into the forest.  When I am alive, O Kauravya, never indulge in any grief.  I will vanquish in battle all the Pandavas united together and all the Panchalas, the Kaikeyas, and the Vrishnis assembled together.  Making porcupines of them by means of my arrowy showers, I will give thee the earth.’

“Sanjaya continued, ’While Karna was uttering those words, Kripa, the mighty armed son of Saradwat, smiling the while, addressed the Suta’s son in these words, ’Thy speech is fair, O Karna!  If words alone could lead to success, then with thee, O son of Radha, as his protector, this bull among the Kurus would be considered to have the amplest measure of protection.  Thou boastest much, O Karna, in the presence of the Kuru chief, but thy prowess is seldom witnessed, nor, indeed, any result (of thy boastful speeches).  Many a time have we seen thee encounter the sons of Pandu in battle.  On every one of those occasions, O Suta’s son, thou hast been vanquished by the Pandavas.  While Dhritarashtra’s son was being taken away (as a captive) by the Gandharvas, all the troops fought on that occasion except thy single self, who was the first to fly away.  In Virata’s city also, all the Kauravas, united together, including thyself and thy younger brother were vanquished by Partha in battle.  Thou art not a match for even one of the sons of Pandu, viz., Phalguna, on the field of battle.  How then canst thou venture to vanquish all the sons of Pandu with Krishna at their head?  Thou indulgest in too much brag, O Suta’s son!  Engage thyself in battle without saying anything.  To Put forth prowess

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