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“Then Yudhishthira, filled with wrath, began to destroy thy ranks, in the sight, O sinless one, of the Pot-born (Drona) and of thy sons.  Indeed, with his shafts, Yudhishthira began to despatch to the regions of Yama the Amvashthas, the Malavas, the brave Trigartas and the Sivis.  And cutting off the Abhishahas, the Surasenas, the Valhikas, and the Vasatis, he caused the earth to be miry with flesh and blood.  And he also despatched within a trice, by means of many shafts, to Yama’s domains, the Yaudheyas, the Malavas, and large numbers, O king, of the Madrakas.  Then a loud uproar arose in the vicinity of Yudhishthira’s car, amid which was heard, ‘Slay’, Seize’, ‘Capture’, Pierce’, Cut into pieces’!  Beholding him thus slaying and routing thy troops, Drona, urged on by thy son, shrouded Yudhishthira with showers of shafts.  Drona filled with great wrath, struck Yudhishthira with the Vayavya weapon.  The son of Pandu, however, baffled that celestial weapon with a similar weapon of his own.  Seeing his weapon baffled, the son of Bharadwaja, filled with great wrath and desirous of slaying the son of Pandu, sped at Yudhishthira diverse celestial weapons such as the Varuna, the Yamya, the Agneya, the Tvashtra, and the Savitra.  The mighty-armed Pandava, however, conversant with morality, fearlessly baffled all those weapons of the Pot-born that were hurled or in course of being hurled at him.  Then the Pot-born, striving to accomplish his vow and desirous also for thy son’s good, to slay the son of Dharma, invoked into existence, O Bharata, the Aindra and the Prajapatya weapons.  Then that foremost one of Kuru’s race, Yudhishthira, of the gait of the elephant or the lion, of broad chest and large and red eyes, and endued with energy scarcely inferior (to that of Drona) invoked into existence the Mahendra weapon.  With that he baffled the weapon of Drona.  Seeing all his weapons baffled, Drona, filled with wrath and desirous of accomplishing the destruction of Yudhishthira, invoked into existence the Brahma weapon.  Enveloped as we then were by a thick gloom, we could not observe what passed.  All creatures also, O monarch, were filled with great fright.  Beholding the Brahma weapon uplifted, Kunti’s son, Yudhishthira, O king, baffled it with a Brahma weapon of his own.  Then, all the foremost warriors applauded those two bulls among men, viz., Drona and Yudhishthira, those great bowmen acquainted with every mode of warfare.  Abandoning Yudhishthira, Drona then, with eyes red as copper in rage, began to consume the division of Drupada with the Vayavya weapon.  Oppressed by Drona, the Panchalas fled away from fear, in the very sight of Bhimasena and of the illustrious Partha.  Then the diadem-decked (Arjuna) and Bhimasena, checking that flight of their troops, suddenly encountered that hostile force with two large throngs of cars.  Vibhatsu, attacking the right and Vrikodara the left, Bharadwaja’s son was encountered, with two mighty showers of shafts.  Then the Kaikeyas, the Srinjayas, and the Panchalas of great energy followed the two brothers, O king, accompanied by the Matsyas and the Satwatas.  Then the Bharata host, slaughtered by the diadem-decked (Arjuna) and overcome with sleep and darkness, began to break.  Drona, and thy son himself, endeavoured to rally them.  The combatants, however, O king, were incapable of being then checked in their flight.’”

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