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the timid with cheerlessness and fear.  And bloody waves were seen on its surface.  Rendered frightful by means of the foot-soldiers with which it teemed, Yama’s abode, was the ocean towards which it flowed.  Having slain the Rakshasas, Drona’s son then began to afflict the son of Hidimva with arrows.  Filled once more with rage, the puissant son of Drona having pierced those mighty car-warriors, viz., the Parthas including Vrikodara and the sons of Prishata, slew Suratha, one of the sons of Drupada.  Then he slew in that battle Suratha’s younger brother named Satrunjaya.  And then he slew Valanika and Jayanika, and Jaya.  And once more, with a keen shaft, Drona’s son’ uttering a leonine roar, slew Prishdhra, and then proud Chandrasena.  And then he slew with ten arrows the ten sons of Kuntibhoja.  Then, O king, Drona’s son despatched Srutayus to the abode of Yama.  With three other keen shafts, equipped with beautiful wings and red eyes, he despatched the mighty Satrunjaya to the region of Sakra.[206] Then Aswatthaman, filled with rage, fixed on his bowstring a fierce and straight arrow.  Drawing the string to his ear, he quickly shot that fierce and excellent arrow resembling the rod of Death himself, aiming at Ghatotkacha.  That mighty shaft, equipped with beautiful wings, passing through the chest of that Rakshasa, O lord of the earth, entered the earth, piercing through it, Ghatotkacha thereupon fell down on the car.  Beholding him fallen down and believing him to be dead, the mighty car-warrior Dhrishtadyumna took him away from the presence of Drona’s son and caused him to be placed upon another car.  Thus, O king, that car-force of Yudhishthira turned away from the fight.  The heroic son of Drona having vanquished his foes, uttered a loud roar.  And he was worshipped by all men and all thy sons, O sire.’[207] The earth, strewn all around with the fallen bodies of dead Rakshasas, pierced and mangled with hundreds of arrows, became fierce looking and impassable, as if strewn with mountain summits.  The Siddhas and Gandharvas and Pisachas, and Nagas, and birds, and Pitris and ravens and large numbers of cannibals and ghosts, and Apsaras and celestials, all combined in highly applauding the son of Drona.’”


“Sanjaya said, ’Beholding the sons of Drupada, as also those of Kuntibhoja, and Rakshasas too in thousands, slain by the son of Drona, Yudhishthira and Bhimasena, and Dhrishtadyumna, the son of Prishata, and Yuyudhana, uniting together, set their hearts firmly on battle.  Then Somadatta, once more filled with rage upon beholding Satyaki in that battle, covered the latter, O Bharata, with a dense shower of arrows.  Then took place a battle, fierce and exceedingly wonderful to behold, between thy warriors and those of the foe, both parties being solicitous of victory.  Fighting on behalf of Satyaki, Bhima pierced the Katirava. hero with ten shafts.  Somadatta, however, in return,

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