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cars decked in gold and drawn by the best steeds, also used to follow him then.  And full eight hundred bards adorned with ear-rings set with shining gems, and accompanied by minstrels, recited his praises in those days, like the Rishis adorning Indra.  And, O king, the Kauravas and other lords of earth always waited upon him like slaves, as the celestials upon Kuvera.  This eminent king, resembling the bright-rayed sun, made all lords of earth pay tribute unto him like persons of the agricultural class.  And eighty-eight thousands of high-souled Snatakas depended for their subsistence upon this king practising excellent vows.  This illustrious lord protected the aged and the helpless, the maimed and the blind, as his sons, and he ruled over his subjects virtuously.  Steady in morality and self-control, capable of restraining his anger, bountiful, devoted to the Brahmanas, and truthful, this one is the son of Pandu.  The prosperity and prowess of this one afflict king Suyodhana with his followers including Kama and Suvala’s son.  And, O lord of men, the virtues of this one are incapable of being enumerated.  This son of Pandu is devoted to morality and always abstains from injury.  Possessed of such attributes, doth not this bull among kings, this son of Pandu, deserve, O monarch, to occupy a royal seat?’”


“Virata said, ’If this one, indeed, be the Kuru king Yudhisthira the son of Kunti, which amongst these is his brother Arjuna, and which, the mighty Bhima.  Which of these is Nakula, and which Sahadeva and where is the celebrated Draupadi?  After their defeat at dice, the sons of Pritha have not been heard of by any one.’

“Arjuna said, ’Even this one, O king, who is called Vallava and is thy cook, is that Bhima of mighty arms and terrible prowess and furious impetus.  It was he who slew the furious Rakshasas on the mountains of Gandhamadana, and procured for Krishna celestial flowers of great fragrance.  Even he is that Gandharva, who slew the Kichaka of wicked soul and it was he who killed tigers and bears and boars in the inner apartment of thy palace.  He who had been the keeper of thy horse is that slayer of foes called Nakula, and this one is Sahadeva, the keeper of thy kine.  Both these sons of Madri are great car-warriors, possessed of great fame and beauty of person.  These two bulls of the Bharata race, attired in handsome robes and decked in excellent ornaments, are a match for a thousand great car-warriors.  And even this lady of eyes like lotus-petals and slender-waist and sweet smiles is Drupada’s daughter, thy wife’s Sairindhri, for whose sake, O king, the Kichakas were slain.  I am, O king, Arjuna who, it is evident, thou hast heard, is that son of Pritha, who is Bhima’s junior and the senior of the twins!  We have, O king, happily passed in thy abode the period of non-discovery, like infants in the womb!’

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