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the Highest of the high.  He that attaineth to that viz., thy Supreme Self hath ordained for him the highest prosperity.  Thou art sung in the four Vedas.  The four Vedas sing of thee.  Be seeking thy shelter, O high-souled one, I shall enjoy unrivalled prosperity.  Thou art the Supreme God, thou art the God of the highest gods, thou art the lord of Winged creatures, and the lord of all human beings.  Thou art the Supremest Lord of everything.  I bow to thee, O best of beings!  Thou art the Lord, the Lord of lords O puissant one!  Prosperity to thee, O Madhava!  O thou of large eyes, O Universal soul, Thou art the origin of all things.  He, again, that is a friend of Dhananjaya or is engaged in Dhananjaya’s good, obtaineth thee that art the preceptor of Dhananjaya and attaineth to happiness.’  Thus addressed by him those high-souled ones, viz., Kesava and Arjuna, cheerfully said unto the king, that lord of the earth, ’The sinful king Jayadratha, hath been consumed by the fire of thy wrath.  O puissant one, although the Dhartarashtra host is vast and swelleth with pride, yet, O Bharata, struck and slain, it is being exterminated.  O slayer of foes, it is in consequence of thy wrath that the Kauravas are being destroyed.  Having, O hero, angered thee that canst slay with thy eyes alone, the wicked-minded Suyodhana, with his friends and kinsmen, will have to lay down his life in battle.  Slain before in consequence of thy ire, and struck down also by the gods themselves, the invincible Bhishma, the grandsire of the Kurus, lieth now on a bed of arrows.  O slayer of foes, victory in battle is unattainable by them, and death also waiteth for them, that have thee, O son of Pandu, for their foe.  Kingdom, life, dear ones, children, and diverse kinds of bliss, will soon be lost by him with whom thou, O scorcher of foes, hast been angry.  I regard the Kauravas to be lost with their sons, and kinsmen, when thou, O scorcher of foes, that art observant of the duties of a king, hast been angry with them.’  Then Bhima, O king, and the mighty car-warrior Satyaki, both mangled with shafts, saluted their senior.  And those two mighty bowmen sat down on the ground, surrounded by the Panchalas, Beholding those two heroes filled with joy and arrived and waiting with joined hands, the son of Kunti congratulated them both, saying, ’By good luck, it is that I see you both, ye heroes, escaped with lire from that sea of (hostile) troops, that sea in which Drona acted the part of an invincible alligator, and the son of Hridika that of a fierce shark.  By good luck, all the kings of the earth have been vanquished (by you two).[179] By good luck, I see both of you victorious in battle.  By good luck, Drona hath been vanquished in battle, and that mighty car-warrior also viz., the son of Hridika.  By good luck, Karna hath been vanquished in battle with barbed shafts.  By good luck, Salya also was obliged to turn away from the field by you both, ye bulls among men.  By good luck, I behold
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