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“Sanjaya said, ’After the ruler of the Sindhus had been slain by Partha, Krishna, repairing unto the king, viz., Yudhishthira, the son of Dharma, worshipped the latter with a gladdened heart.  And he said, ’By good luck, O king of kings, thy prosperity increaseth.  O best of men, thy foe hath been slain.  By good luck, thy younger brother hath accomplished his vow.’  Thus addressed by Krishna, that subjugator of hostile towns, viz., king Yudhishthira, filled with joy, came down from his car, O Bharata!  His eyes filled with tears of joy, he embraced the two Krishnas and wiping his bright and lotus-like face, said these words unto Vasudeva, and Dhananjaya, the son of Pandu, ’Ye mighty car-warriors, by good luck, I behold both of you after ye have accomplished your task.  By good luck, that sinful wretch, viz., the ruler of the Sindhus, hath been slain.  Ye Krishnas, by good luck, ye have done that which hath filled me with great happiness.  By good luck, our foes have been plunged into an ocean of grief.  Thou art the sovereign lord of all the worlds, O slayer of Madhu!  In the three worlds they that have thee for their preceptor can have no object incapable of accomplishment.  Through thy grace, O Govinda, we will conquer our foes, like Indra conquering the Danavas in days of old.  Be it the conquest of the world, or be it the conquest of the three worlds, everything is certain, O thou of the Vrishni race, in their case with whom thou art gratified, O giver of honours!  They can have no sin, nor can they meet with defeat in battle with whom thou, O lord of the celestials, art gratified, O giver of honours!  It is through thy grace, O Hrishikesa, that Sakra hath become the chief of the celestials.  It is through thy grace, that blessed personage obtained on the field of battle the sovereignty of the three worlds!  It is through thy grace, O lord of the celestials, that the latter obtained immortality, O Krishna, and enjoy eternal regions (of bliss).  Having slain thousands of Daityas, with prowess having its origin in thy grace, O slayer of foes, Sakra obtained the lordship of the celestials.  Through thy grace, O Hrishikesa, the mobile and immobile universe, without swerving from its (ordained) course, O hero, is engaged in prayers and homa![178] In the beginning, this universe, enveloped in darkness, had been one vast expanse of water.  Through thy grace, O mighty-armed one, the universe became manifest, O best of men!  Thou art the creator of all the worlds, thou art the Supreme Soul, and thou art immutable!  They that behold thee, O Hrishikesa, are never confounded.  Thou art the Supreme God, thou art the God of gods, and thou art Eternal.  They that seek refuge with thee, O lord of the gods, are never confounded.  Without beginning and without death, thou art Divine, the Creator of all the worlds, and immutable.  They that are devoted to thee, O Hrishikesa, always tide over every difficulty.  Thou art Supreme, the Ancient one, the Divine-Being, and that which is

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