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“Dhritarashtra said, ’Ascending on the invincible car of Vasudeva that had Daruka for its driver, Satyaki, proud of the might of his arms and equal in battle unto Vasudeva himself, made Karna carless.  Did Satyaki ride any other car (after his encounter with Karna was over)?  I am desirous of hearing this, O Sanjaya!  Thou art skilled in narration.  I regard Satyaki to be endued with unbearable prowess.  Tell me all, O Sanjaya!’

“Sanjaya said, ’Hear, O king, how it had happened.  The intelligent younger brother of Daruka soon brought unto Satyaki another car, duly equipped with all necessaries.  With shafts attached to it by chains of iron and gold and bands of silk, decked with a thousand stars, decked with banners and with the figure of a lion on his standard, with horses, fleet as the wind and adorned with trappings of gold, yoked unto it, and with rattle deep as the roar of the clouds, that car was brought unto him.  Ascending upon it, the grandson of Sini rushed against thy troops.  Daruka, meanwhile, went as he listed to Kesava’s side.  A new cat was brought for Karna also, O king, unto which were yoked four steeds of the best breed that were decked in trappings of gold and white as conchs or milk.  Its kaksha and standard were made of gold.  Furnished with banners and machines, that foremost of cars had an excellent driver.  And it was furnished with a profusion of weapons of every kind.  Mounting on that car, Karna also rushed against his foes.  I have now told thee all that thou hadst asked me.  Once more, however, O king, learn the (extent of the) destruction caused by the evil policy.  Thirty one of thy sons have been slain by Bhimasena.  Having Durmukha for their foremost, they were conversant with all modes of warfare.  Satyaki and Arjuna also have slain hundreds of heroes with Bhimasena as their foremost, and Bhagadatta also, O sire!  Even thus, O king, hath the destruction commenced, caused by thy evil counsels.’


“Dhritarashtra said, When such was the condition of battle, between those heroes of their side and mine, what did Bhima then do?  Tell me all, O Sanjaya!’

“Sanjaya said, ’After Bhimasena had been made carless, that hero, afflicted with the wordy darts of Karna and filled with rage, addressed Phalguna and said, ’In thy very sight, O Dhananjaya, Karna hath repeatedly said to me, ’Eunuch, fool, glutton, unskilled in weapons, do not fight, child, unable to bear the burden of battle!’ He that would tell me so would be slain by me.  Karna hath told me those words, O Bharata!  O mighty-armed one, thou knowest the vow which I have made jointly with thee.  Remember the words that were then spoken by me.  O foremost of men, act in such a way that that vow of mine, O son of Kunti, as also thy own vow, may not be falsified.  O Dhananjaya, do that by which that vow of mine may be made true.’  Hearing these words of Bhima, Arjuna of immeasurable

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