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“Sanjaya continued, After Satyaki had said these words, none amongst the Pandavas and the Kauravas, O king, said anything.  On the other hand, they mentally applauded Bhurisravas.  No one there applauded the slaughter of Somadatta’s illustrious son who resembled an ascetic living in the woods, or one sanctified with mantras in a great sacrifice, and who had given away thousands of gold coins.  The head of that hero, graced with beautiful blue locks and eyes, red as those of pigeons, looked like the head of a horse cut off in a Horse-sacrifice and placed on the sacrificial altar.[172] Sanctified by his prowess and the death he obtained at the edge of the weapon, the boon-giving Bhurisravas, worthy of every boon, casting off his body in great battle, repaired to regions on high, filling the welkin with his high virtues.’”


“Dhritarashtra said, ’Unvanquished by Drona, and Radha’s son and Vikarna and Kritavarman, how could the heroic Satyaki, never before checked in battle, having after his promise to Yudhishthira crossed the ocean of the Kaurava troops, being humiliated by the Kuru warrior Bhurisravas and forcibly thrown on the ground?’

“Sanjaya said, ’Hear, O king, about the origin, in the past times, of Sini’s grandson, and of how Bhurisravas also came to be descended.  This will clear thy doubts.  Atri had for son Soma.  Soma’s son was called Vudha.  Vudha had one son, of the splendour of the great Indra, called Pururavas.  Pururavas had a son called Ayus.  Ayus had for his son Nahusha.  Nahusha had for his son Yayati who was a royal sage equal to a celestial.  Yayati had by Devayani Yadu for his eldest son.  In Yadu’s race was born a son of the name of Devamidha of Yadu’s race had a son named Sura, applauded in the three worlds.  Sura had for his son that foremost of men, viz., the celebrated Vasudeva.  Foremost in bowmanship, Sura was equal to Kartavirya in battle.  In Sura’s race and equal unto Sura in energy was, born Sini, O king!  About this time, O king, occurred the Swayamvara. of the high-souled Devaka’s daughter, in which all the Kshatriyas were present.  In that self-choice, Sini vanquishing all the kings, quickly took up on his car the princess Devaki for the sake of Vasudeva.  Beholding the princess Devaki on Sini’s car, that bull among men, viz., the brave Somadatta of mighty energy could not brook the sight.  A battle, O king, ensued between the two which lasted for half a day and was beautiful and wonderful to behold.  The battle that took place between those two mighty men was a wrestling encounter.  That bull among men, viz., Somadatta, was forcibly thrown down on the earth by Sini.  Uplifting his sword and seizing him by the hair, Sini struck his foe with his foot, in the midst of many thousands of kings who stood as spectators all around.  At last, from compassion, he let him off, saying, ‘Live!’ Reduced to that plight by Sini, Somadatta, O sire,

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