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steeds.  In fact, all objects that he saw lying there on the field, the son of Pandu, excited with rage, took up and hurled at Karna.  Karna, however, with his sharp arrows, cut off every one of those objects thus thrown at him.  Bhima also, raising his fierce fists that were endued with the force of the thunder, desired to slay the Suta’s son.  Soon, however, he recollected Arjuna’s vow.  The son of Pandu, therefore, though competent, spared the life of Karna, from desire of not falsifying the vow that Savyasachin had made.  The Suta’s son, however, with his sharp shafts, repeatedly caused the distressed Bhima, to lose the sense.  But Karna, recollecting the words of Kunti, took not the life of the unarmed Bhima.  Approaching quickly Karna touched him with the horn of his bow.  As soon, however, as Bhimasena was touched with the bow, excited with rage and sighing like a snake, he snatched the bow from Karna and struck him with it on the head.  Struck by Bhimasena, the son of Radha, with eyes red in wrath, smiling the while, said unto him repeatedly these words, viz., ’Beardless eunuch, ignorant fool and glutton.’  And Karna said, ’Without skin in weapons, do not fight with me.  Thou art but a child, a laggard in battle!  There, son of Pandu, where occurs a profusion of eatables and drink, there, O wretch, shouldst thou be but never in battle.  Subsisting on roots, flowers, and observant of vows and austerities, thou, O Bhima, shouldst pass thy days in the woods for thou art unskilled in battle.  Great is the difference between battle and the austere mode of a Muni’s life.  Therefore, O Vrikodara, retire into the woods.  O child, thou art not fit for being engaged in battle.  Thou hast an aptitude for a life in the woods.  Urging cooks and servants and slaves in the house to speed, thou art fit only for reproving them in wrath for the sake of thy dinner, O Vrikodara!  O Bhima, O thou of a foolish understanding, betaking thyself to a Muni’s mode of life, gather thou fruits (for thy food).  Go to the woods, O son of Kunti, for thou art not skilled in battle.  Employed in cutting fruits and roots or in waiting upon guests, thou art unfit, I think, to take a part, O Vrikodara, in any passage-at-arms.’  And, O monarch, all the wrongs done to him in his younger years, were also reminded by Karna in harsh words.  And as he stood there in weakness, Karna once more touched him with the bow.  And laughing loudly, Vrisha once more told Bhima those words, ’Thou shouldst fight with others, O sire, but never with one like me.  They that fight with persons like us have to undergo this and else!  Go thither where the two Krishnas are!  They will protect thee in battle.  Or, O son of Kunti, go home, for, a child as thou art, what business hast thou with battle?’ Hearing those harsh words of Karna, Bhimasena laughed aloud and addressing Karna said unto him these words in the hearing of all, ’O wicked wight, repeatedly hast thou been vanquished by me.  How canst thou
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