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with grief.  Who that is desirous of life will make a hostile advance against Pandu’s son, Bhima, excited with wrath armed with terrible weapons and standing in battle like Death himself?  A man may escape from the very jaws of the Vadava fire.  But it is my belief that no one can escape from before Bhima’s face.  Indeed, neither Partha, nor the Panchalas, nor Kesava, nor Satyaki, when excited with wrath in battle, shows the least regard for (his) life.  Alas, O Suta, the very lives of my sons are in danger.’

“Sanjaya said, ’Thou, O Kaurava, that art thus grieving in view of the present carnage, thou, without doubt, art the root of this destruction of the world!  Obedient to the counsels of thy sons, thou hast thyself provoked this fierce hostility.  Though urged (by well-wishers) thou acceptest not the proper medicine like a man fated to die.  O monarch, O best of men, having thyself drunk the fiercest and the most indigestible poison, take thou all its consequences now.  The combatants are fighting to the best of their might, still thou speakest ill of them.  Listen, however, to me as I describe to thee how the battle raged on.

“Beholding Karna defeated by Bhimasena, five of thy sons, those uterine brothers that were great bowmen, could not, O sire, brook it.  They were Durmarshana and Duhsaha and Durmada and Durdhara and Jaya.  Clad in beautiful mail, all of them rushed against the son of Pandu.  Encompassing the mighty-armed Vrikodara, on all sides, they shrouded all the points of the compass with their shafts looking like flights of locusts.  Bhimasena, however, in the battle, smilingly received those princes of celestial beauty thus rushing suddenly against him.  Beholding thy sons advancing against Bhimasena, Radha’s son, Karna rushed against that mighty warrior, shooting arrows of keen points that were equipped with golden wings and whetted on stone.  Bhima, however, quickly rushed against Karna, though resisted by thy sons.  Then the Kurus, surrounding Karna, covered Bhimasena with showers of straight shafts.  With five and twenty arrows, O king, Bhima, armed with his formidable bow, despatched all those bulls among men to Yama’s abode with their steeds and charioteers.  Falling down from their cars along with their charioteers, their lifeless forms looked like large trees with their weight of variegated flowers uprooted by the tempest.  The prowess that we then beheld of Bhimasena was exceedingly wonderful, inasmuch as, resisting Adhiratha’s son the while, he slew those sons of thine.  Resisted by Bhima with whetted arrows on all sides, the Suta’s son, O king, only looked at Bhima.  Bhimasena also, with eyes red in wrath, began to cast angry glances on Karna, stretching his formidable bow the while.’”


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