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“Dhritarashtra said, ’I think, Destiny is supreme.  Fie on exertion which is useless, inasmuch as the son of Adhiratha, though fighting resolutely, could not vanquish the son of Pandu.  Karna boasts of his competency to vanquish in battle all the Parthas with Govinda amongst them.  I do not see in the world, another warrior like Karna!  I often heard Duryodhana speak in this strain.  Indeed, O Suta, the wretched Duryodhana used to tell me formerly, ’Karna is a mighty hero, a firm bowman, above all fatigue.  If I have that Vasushena for my ally, the very gods will not be a match for me, what need be said, therefore, O monarch, of the sons of Pandu that are weak and heartless?’ Tell me therefore, O Sanjaya, what Duryodhana said, beholding that Karna defeated and looking like a snake deprived of its poison and flying away from battle.  Alas, deprived of his senses, Duryodhana despatched the unsupported Durmukha, unacquainted though he was with battle, into that fiery encounter, like an insect into the blazing fire.  O Sanjaya, even Aswatthaman and the ruler of the Madras and Kripa, united together, could not stand before Bhimasena.  Even these know the terrible might, equal to that of ten thousand elephants, of Bhima, endued with the energy of Marut himself, as also his cruel intents.  Why did they provoke the fire in battle, of that hero of cruel deeds, that warrior resembling Yama himself as the latter becomes at the end of the Yuga?  It seems that Suta’s son, the mighty armed Karna alone, relying on the prowess of his own arms, fought in battle with Bhimasena, disregarding the latter.  That son of Pandu who vanquished Karna in battle like Purandara vanquishing an Asura, is capable of being vanquished by anybody in fight.  Who is there that would, hopeful of life, approach that Bhima who, in Arjuna’s quest, alone entered my host, having ground Drona himself?  Who, indeed, is there, O Sanjaya, that would dare stay in the face of Bhima?  Who is there among the Asuras that would venture to stay before the great Indra with the thunderbolt uplifted in his hand?[157] A man may return having entered the abode of the dead, but none, however, can return having encountered Bhimasena!  Those men of weak prowess, who senselessly rushed against the angry Bhimasena were like insects falling upon a blazing fire.  Without doubt, reflecting upon what the angry and fierce Bhima had said in the assembly in the hearing of the Kurus about the slaughter of my sons, and beholding the defeat of Karna, Duhsasana and his brothers ceased to encounter Bhima from fear.  That wicked son also of mine, O Sanjaya, who repeatedly said in the assembly (these words, viz.,) Karna and Duhsasana and I myself will vanquish the Pandavas in battle,’—­without doubt, beholding Karna defeated and deprived of his car by Bhima, is consumed with grief in consequence of his rejection of Krishna’s suit![158] Beholding his mail-clad brothers slain in battle by Bhimasena, in consequence of his own fault, without doubt, my son is burning

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