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“Sanjaya said, ’Leaving Radha’s son, that foremost of car-warriors Bhimasena, desired to proceed to the place where those two heroes, viz., Krishna and Dhananjaya were.  The son of Radha, however, rushing towards him as he proceeded, covered him, O king, with dense showers of arrows, like a cloud pouring, torrents of rain on a mountain.  The mighty son of Adhiratha, his face beautiful as a full-blown lotus, lighted up with a smile, challenged Bhimasena to battle, as the latter was proceeding.  And Karna said, ’O Bhima, I dreamt not that thou knowest how to fight.  Why then dost thou show me thy back from desire of meeting with Arjuna?  O delighter of the Pandavas, this is scarcely fit for a son of Kunti.  Staying, therefore, where thou art, cover me with thy arrows.’  Bhimasena, hearing that challenge of Karna, brooked it not, but wheeling his car a little, began to fight with the Suta’s son.  The illustrious Bhimasena showered clouds of straight shafts.  Desiring also to arrive at the end of those hostilities by slaying Karna, Bhima began to weaken that hero conversant with every weapon and clad in mail, and staying before him for engaging in a single combat.  Then mighty Bhima, that scorcher of foes, that wrathful son of Pandu, having slain numerous Kauravas, shot diverse showers of fierce shafts at Karna, O sire!  The Suta’s son, endued with great strength, swallowed, by means of the power of his own weapons, all those showers of arrows shot by that hero, possessed of the tread of an infuriated elephant.  Duly favoured by knowledge, that great bowman, viz., Karna, began in that battle, O monarch, to career like a preceptor (Of Military science).  The wrathful son of Radha, smiling the while, seemed to mock Bhimasena as the latter was battling with great fury.  The son of Kunti brooked not that smile of Karna in the midst of many brave warriors witnessing from all sides that fight of theirs.  Like a driver striking a huge elephant with a hook, the mighty Bhima, excited with rage, pierced Karna whom he had obtained within reach, with many calf-toothed shafts in the centre of the chest.  And once more, Bhimasena pierced the Suta’s son of variegated armour with three and seventy well-shot and keen arrows equipped with beautiful wings and eased in golden armour, each with five shafts.  And soon, within the twinkling of the eye, was seen a network of shafts about Bhima’s car caused by Karna.  Indeed, O monarch, those shafts shot from Karna’s bow completely shrouded that car with its standard and driver and the Pandava himself.  Then Karna pierced the impenetrable armour of Bhima with four and sixty arrows.  And excited with rage he then pierced Partha himself with many straight shafts capable of penetrating into the very vitals.  The mighty-armed Vrikodara, however, disregarding those shafts shot from Karna’s bow fearlessly struck the Suta’s son.  Pierced with those shafts, resembling snakes of virulent poison, shot from Karna’s bow, Bhima, O monarch, felt no pain

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