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town, thus advancing in wrath, both Yudhamanyu and Uttamaujas jumped down from the terrace of their car.  Then Duryodhana armed as he was with a mace, pressed down into the earth with that mace that foremost of cars furnished with gold, with steeds and driver and standard.  Thy son then, that scorcher of foes, having thus crushed that car, steedless and driverless as he himself was, quickly ascended the car of the king of the Madras.  Meanwhile, those two mighty car-warriors, viz., those two foremost Panchala princes, ascending on two other cars, proceeded towards Arjuna.’”


“Sanjaya said, ’During the progress, O monarch, of that battle, making the hair stand on end, and when all the combatants were filled with anxiety and greatly afflicted, the son of Radha.  O bull of Bharata’s race, proceeded against Bhima for battle, like an infuriated elephant in the forest proceeding against another infuriated elephant.’

“Dhritarashtra said, ’How raged that battle, in the neighbourhood of Arjuna’s car, between those two mighty car-warriors, viz., Bhima and Karna, both of whom are endued with great strength?  Once before Karna had been vanquished by Bhimasena in battle.  How, therefore, could the mighty car-warrior Karna again proceed against Bhima?  How also could Bhima proceed against the Suta’s son, that mighty warrior who is reckoned as the greatest of car-warriors on earth?  Yudhishthira, the son of Dharma, having prevailed over Bhishma and Drona, did not fear anybody else so much as the bowman Karna.  Indeed, thinking of the mighty car-warrior Karna, he passeth his nights sleeplessly from fear.  How, then, could Bhima encounter that Suta’s son in battle?  Indeed, O Sanjaya, how could Bhima fight with Karna, that foremost of warriors, that hero devoted to the Brahmanas endued with energy and never retreating from battle?  How, indeed, did those two heroes, viz., the Suta’s son and Vrikodara, fight with each other in that encounter which took place in the vicinity of Arjuna’s car?  Informed before of his brotherhood (with the Pandavas), the Suta’s son is again, compassionate.  Remembering also his words to Kunti, how could he fight with Bhima?  As regards Bhima also, remembering all the wrongs formerly inflicted on him by the Suta’s son, how did that hero fight with Karna in battle?  My son Duryodhana, O Suta, hopeth that Karna will vanquish all the Pandavas in battle.  Upon whom my wretched son resteth his hope of victory in battle, how did he fight with Bhimasena of terrible deeds?  That Suta’s son, relying upon whom my sons chose hostilities with those mighty car-warriors (viz., the sons of Pandu), how did Bhima fight with him?  Indeed, remembering the diverse wrongs and injuries done by him, how did Bhima fight with that son of Suta?  How indeed, could Bhima fight with that son of a Suta, who, endued with great valour, had formerly subjugated the whole earth on a single car?  How did Bhima fight with that son of a Suta, who was born with a (natural) pair of ear-rings?  Thou art skilled in narration, O Sanjaya!  Tell me, therefore, in detail how the battle took place between those two, and who amongst them obtained the victory?’

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