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Indeed, Jayadratha is the great stake about which we are playing today with the enemy.  Under the circumstances, therefore, O monarch, all of us becoming reckless of our very lives, should make due arrangements for the protection of the ruler of the Sindhus in battle.  Engaged as we are in our present sport, it is here that we shall have victory or defeat, here, that is, where those great bowmen are protecting the ruler of the Sindhus.  Go thither, therefore, with speed, and protect those protectors (of Jayadratha).  As regards myself, I will stay here, for despatching others (to the presence of Jayadratha) and checking the Panchalas, the Pandus and the Srinjayas united together.  Thus commanded by the preceptor, Duryodhana quickly proceeded (to the place indicated) with his followers, resolutely setting himself to (the accomplishment of) a fierce task.  The two protectors of the wheels of Arjuna’s car, viz., the Panchala princes, Yudhamanyu and Uttamaujas, were at that time proceeding towards Savyasachin by the skirts of the Kuru array.  Thou mayest remember, O king, that formerly while Arjuna penetrated thy host from desire of battle, those two princes, O monarch, had been checked in their progress by Kritavarman.  Now, the Kuru king beheld them proceeding by the skirts of his host.  The mighty Duryodhana of Bharata’s race lost no time in engaging in a fierce battle with those two brothers thus rushing furiously.  Those two foremost of Kshatriyas, reputed as mighty car-warriors, then rushed in that battle at Duryodhana, with outstretched bows.  Yudhamanyu pierced Duryodhana with twenty, and his four steeds with four shafts.  Duryodhana, however, with a single shaft, cut off Yudhamanyu’s standard.  And thy son then cut off the former’s bow also with another shaft.  And then with a broad-headed arrow, the Kuru king felled Yudhamanyu’s charioteer from his niche in the car.  And then he pierced the four steeds of the latter with four shafts.  Then Yudhamanyu, excited with wrath, quickly sped, in that battle, thirty shafts at the centre of thy son’s chest.  Then Uttamaujas also, excited with wrath, pierced Duryodhana’s charioteer with shafts decked with gold, and despatched him to Yama’s abode.  Duryodhana also, O monarch, then slew the four steeds as also the two Parshni charioteers of Uttamaujas, the prince of Panchalas.  Then Uttamaujas, in that battle, becoming steedless and driverless, quickly ascended the car of his brother, Yudhamanyu.  Ascending on the car of his brother, he struck Duryodhana’s steeds with many shafts.  Slain therewith, those steeds fell down on the earth.  Upon the fall of his steeds, the valiant Yudhamanyu then, by a mighty weapon, quickly cut off Duryodhana’s bow and then (with another shaft), his leathern fence.  That bull among men then, viz., thy son, jumping down from that steedless and driverless car, took up a mace and proceeded against the two princes of Panchala.  Beholding that subjugator of hostile
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