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-Sanjaya said, ’After that army had (thus) been routed, and Arjuna and Bhimasena had all gone after the ruler of the Sindhus, thy son (Duryodhana) proceeded towards Drona.  And Duryodhana went to the preceptor, on his single car, thinking, by the way, of diverse duties.  That car of thy son, endued with the speed of the wind or thought, proceeded with great celerity towards Drona.  With eyes red in wrath, thy son addressed the preceptor and said, ’O grinder of foes, Arjuna and Bhimasena, and unvanquished Satyaki, and many mighty car-warriors, defeating all our troops, have succeeded in approaching the ruler of the Sindhus.  Indeed, those mighty car-warriors, who vanquished all the troops, themselves unvanquished, are fighting even there.  O giver of honours, how hast thou been transgressed by both Satyaki and Bhima?  O foremost of Brahmanas, this thy defeat at the hands of Satwata, of Arjuna, and of Bhimasena, is like the drying of the ocean, exceedingly wonderful in this world.  People are loudly asking, ’How, indeed, could Drona, that master of the science of arms, be vanquished?’ Even thus all the warriors are speaking in depreciation of thee.  Destruction is certain for my luckless self in battle, when three car-warriors, O tiger among men, have if, succession transgressed thee.  When, however, all this hath happened, tell us what thou hast to say on the business that awaits us.  What hath happened, is past.  O giver of honours, think now of what is remaining.  Say quickly what should next be done for the ruler of the Sindhus on the present occasion, and let what thou sayest be quickly and properly carried out.’

“Drona said, ’Listen, O great king, to what I, having reflected much, say unto thee about what should now be done.  As yet only three great car-warriors among the Pandavas have transgressed us.  We have as much to fear behind those three as we have to dread before them.[154] There, however, where Krishna and Dhananjaya are, our fear must be greater.  The Bharata army hath been attacked both on the front and from behind.  In this pass, I think, the protection of the ruler of the Sindhus is our first duty.  Jayadratha, afraid of Dhananjaya, deserves of everything else to be protected by us.  The heroic Yuyudhana and Vrikodara have both gone against the ruler of the Sindhus.  All this that hath come is the fruit of that match at dice conceived by Sakuni’s intellect.  Neither victory nor defeat took place in the (gaming) assembly.  Now that we are engaged in this sport, there will be victory or defeat.  Those innocent things with which Sakuni had formerly played in the Kuru assembly and which he regarded as dice, were, in reality, invincible shafts.  Truly, there where, O sire, the Kauravas were congregated, they were not dice but terrible arrows capable of mangling your bodies.  At present, however, O king, know the combatants for players, these shafts for dice, and the ruler of the Sindhus, without doubt, O monarch, as the stake, in this game of battle. 

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