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with him, Bhima slew heroic Vrindaraka, that enhancer of the fame of the Kurus.  And again, with three other shafts, Bhima slew three other sons of thine, viz., Abhaya and Raudrakarman and Durvimochana.  Thus slaughtered, O king, by that mighty warrior, thy sons surrounded, Bhima, that foremost of smiters on all sides.  They then showered their arrows upon that son of Pandu, of terrible deeds, like the cloud at the end of summer pouring torrents of rain on the mountain-breast.  That slayer of hosts, the heir of Pandu, received that arrowy shower, like a mountain receiving a shower of stones.  Indeed, the heroic Bhima felt no pain.  Then the son of Kunti, smiling the while, despatched by means of his shafts thy son Vinda and Anuvinda and Suvarman to the abode of Yama.  Then the son of Pandu, O bull of Bharata’s race, quickly pierced in that battle thy heroic son Sudarsan.  The latter, thereupon, fell down and expired.  Within a very short time, the son of Pandu, casting his glances on that car-force caused it by his shafts to fly away in all directions.  Then like a herd of deer frightened at the clatter of car-wheels, or a loud shout, thy sons, in that battle, O king, afflicted with the fear of Bhimasena, suddenly broke and fled.  The son of Kunti, however, pursued that large force of thy sons, and began, O king, to pierce the Kauravas from every side.  Thy soldiers, O monarch, thus slaughtered by Bhimasena, fled away from battle, avoiding the son of Pandu and urging their own excellent steeds to their greatest speed.  The mighty Bhimasena then, having vanquished them in battle, uttered leonine roars and made a great noise by slapping his armpits.  And the mighty Bhima, having made also a fierce noise with his palms, and thereby frightened that car-force and the foremost of warriors that were in it, passed towards the division of Drona, transgressing that car-force (which he had vanquished.)’


“Sanjaya said, ’After the son of Pandu had crossed that car-force, the preceptor Drona, smiling the while, covered him with showers of arrows, desirous of checking his course.  Stupefying thy force then with his powers of illusion, and drinking, as it were, those shafts shot from the bow of Drona, Bhimasena rushed against those brothers (viz., thy sons).  Then many kings, that were all great bowmen, urged by thy sons, rushing impetuously, began to surround him.  Encompassed by them, O Bharata, Bhima smiling the while and uttering a leonine roar, took up and hurled at them with great force a fierce mace destructive of hostile ranks.  That mace of adamantine strength, hurled like Indra’s thunder by Indra himself, crushed, O king, thy soldiers in battle.  And it seemed to fill, O king, the whole earth with loud noise.  And blazing forth in splendour, that fierce mace inspired thy sons with fear.  Beholding that mace of impetuous course and endued with lightning flashes, coursing towards them, thy warriors fled

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