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“Bhima said, That car which formerly bore Brahma and Isana and Indra and Varuna (to battle), mounting upon that car, have two Krishnas gone.  They can have no fear of danger, Taking, however, thy command on my head, lo, I am going.  Do not grieve.  Meeting with those tigers among men, I shall send thee intelligence.’

“Sanjaya said, ’Having said those words, the mighty Bhima began to prepare for setting out, repeatedly making over Yudhishthira to Dhrishtadyumna and the other friends (of the Pandava cause).  Indeed, Bhimasena of mighty strength addressing Dhrishtadyumna, said, ’It is known to thee, O thou of mighty arms, how the mighty car-warrior Drona is always on the alert to seize king Yudhishthira the Just by all means in his power.  Indeed, O son of Prishata, I should never place my going (to Arjuna and Satyaki) above my duty of protecting the king.  King Yudhishthira, however, hath commanded me to go, I dare not contradict him.  I shall go thither where the ruler of the Sindhus stayeth, at the point of death.  I should, in complete truthfulness, act according to the words of my brother (Arjuna) and of Satyaki endued with great intelligence.  Thou shouldst, therefore, vigorously resolved on fight, protect Yudhishthira the son of Pritha today.  Of all tasks, this is thy highest duty in battle.’  Thus addressed by Vrikodara, O monarch, Dhrishtadyumna replied, ’I shall do what thou wishest.  Go, O son of Pritha, without any anxiety of the kind.  Without slaying Dhrishtadyumna in battle, Drona will never be able to humiliate king Yudhishthira in the fight.’  Thus making the royal son of Pandu over to Dhrishtadyumna, and saluting his elder brother, Bhimasena, proceeded towards the spot where Phalguna was.  Before dismissing him, however, king Yudhishthira the Just, O Bharata, embraced Bhimasena and smelt his head and pronounced auspicious blessings upon him.  After circumambulating a number of Brahmanas, gratified with worship and presents, and touching the eight kinds of auspicious articles, and quaffing Kairataka honey, that hero, the corners of whose eyes had become red in intoxication, felt his might to be doubled.  The Brahmanas performed propitiatory ceremonies for him.  Various omens, indicative of success, greeted him.  Beholding them, he felt the delight of anticipated victory.  Favourable winds began to blow and indicate his success.  Then the mighty-armed Bhimasena, the foremost of car-warriors, clad in mail, decked with earrings and Angadas, and his hands cased in leathern fences, mounted on his own excellent car.  His costly coat of mail, made of black steel and decked with gold, looked like a cloud charged with lightning.  His body Was beautifully covered with yellow and red and black and white robes.  Wearing a coloured cuirass that protected also his neck, Bhimasena looked resplendent like a cloud decked with a rainbow.

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