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breast pierced through, he fell down from his vehicle on the earth.  Upon the slaughter of Dhrishtadyumna’s son, the (Pandava) troops began to tremble.  Then the mighty Chekitana fell upon Drona, Piercing Drona with ten arrows, he once more pierced him with a shaft in the centre of his chest.  And he pierced Drona’s charioteer with four arrows and his four steeds also with four.  The Preceptor then pierced the right arm of Chekitana with sixteen arrows, and his standard with sixteen, and his charioteer with seven.  Upon the charioteer being slain, Chekitana’s steeds fled away, dragging the car after them.  Beholding the steeds of Chekitana pierced with the arrows of Bharadwaja’s son, and his car also deprived of driver, the Panchalas and the Pandavas were filled with great fear.  Drona then, O sire, routing on all sides the Panchalas and the Srinjayas united together in battle looked exceedingly resplendent.  The venerable Drona, full five and eighty years of age, dark in hue and with white locks descending to his cars, careered in battle like a youth of sixteen.  Indeed, O king, enemies regarded the foe-slaying Drona, as he fearlessly careered in battle, to be none else than Indra himself armed with the thunder.  Then, O monarch, the mighty-armed Drupada of great intelligence said, ’This one (Drona) is slaying the Kshatriyas like a hungry tiger slaying smaller animals.  The sinful Duryodhana of wicked soul will assuredly obtain the most miserable regions (in the next world).  It is through his covetousness that many foremost of the Kshatriyas, slain in battle, lay prostrate on the field, like mangled bulls, weltering in blood and becoming the food of dogs and jackals.’  Saying these words, O monarch, Drupada, that master of an Akshauhini of troops, placing the Parthas at his head, rushed with speed towards Drona.’”


“Sanjaya said, ’When the army of the Pandavas was thus agitated on all sides, the Parthas and the Panchalas and the Somakas, retreated to a great distance.  During the progress of that fierce battle, making the hair stand on end, and that universal carnage like to what happens, O Bharata, at that end of the Yuga, when, indeed, Drona of great prowess was repeatedly uttering leonine shouts, and when the Panchalas were being weakened and the Pandavas slaughtered, king Yudhishthira the Just, failing in that battle to find any refuge in that distress, began, O king, to think how the matter would end.  Casting his eyes around in expectation of seeing Savyasachin, Yudhishthira, however, saw neither that son of Pritha nor Madhava.  Not seeing that tiger among men viz., the ape-bannered Arjuna, and not hearing also the twang of Gandiva, the monarch became filled with anxiety, not seeing Satyaki also, that foremost of car-warriors among the Vrishnis, king Yudhishthira the Just became equally anxious.  Indeed, not seeing those two foremost of men, Yudhishthira knew no peace.  The high-souled

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