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resembling the Destroyer himself, swallowing up every one who approached him then, like the Destroyer himself, swallowing up creatures when their hour arrives.  Then Drona, O monarch, proclaiming his name in that battle, covered the Pandavas with many thousands of shafts.  Those shafts shot by Drona, whetted on stone and engraved with his name, slew in that battle men and elephants and steeds by hundreds.  Thus slaughtered by Drona, like the Asuras by Sakra, the Panchalas began to tremble like a herd of kine afflicted with cold.  Indeed, O bull of Bharata’s race, when the Pandava army was thus being slaughtered by Drona, there arose an awful wail of woe from it.  Scorched by the sun and slaughtered by means of those arrows, the Panchalas then became filled with anxiety.  Stupefied by Bharadwaja’s son with his arrowy showers in that battle the mighty car-warriors among the Panchalas felt like persons whose thighs had been seized by alligators.  Then, O king, the Chedis, the Srinjayas, the Kasis, and the Kosalas, rushed cheerfully against the son of Bharadwaja from desire of battle.  And the Chedis, the Panchalas, and the Srinjayas addressed one another, saying, ‘Drona is slain!  Drona is slain!’ Saying these words, they rushed at that hero.  Indeed, all these tigers among men fell with their utmost might upon the illustrious Drona, desirous of despatching him to the abode of Yama.  Then the son of Bharadwaja, by means of his shafts, despatched those brave warriors struggling vigorously in battle, especially those forest ones among the Chedis, into the presence of the King of the dead.  After those foremost ones among the Chedis had been exterminated, the Panchalas, afflicted with the shafts of Drona, began to tremble.  Beholding, O sire, those feats of Drona, they loudly called after Bhimasena and Dhrishtadyumna, O Bharata, and said, ’This Brahmana hath, without doubt, practised the austerest of penances and acquired great ascetic merit.  Inflamed with rage in battle, he consumeth the foremost of Kshatriyas.  A Kshatriya’s duty is battle; a Brahmana’s, the highest asceticism.  A Brahmana endued with ascetic merit and learning, is capable of burning everything by his glances only.  Many foremost of Kshatriyas, having approached the uncrossable and fierce fire of Drona’s weapons, have, O Bharata, been blasted and consumed.  The illustrious Drona, to the measure of his might, courage, and perseverance, stupefies all creatures and slays our troops!’ Hearing these words of theirs, the mighty Kshatradharman, rightly observant of the duties of a Kshatriya, wrathfully cut off with a crescent-shaped arrow the bow of Drona with arrow fixed thereon.  Then Drona, that grinder of Kshatriyas, becoming more angry still, took up another bright bow, tougher than the one he had laid aside.  Fixing on it a keen arrow, destructive of hostile ranks, the preceptor, endued with great strength, sped it at the prince, drawing the bowstring to his ear.  That arrow, slaying Kshatradharman entered the earth.  His
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