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fleet steeds of the Kamvoja breed.  Then Dhrishtaketu, that bull among the Chedis, swelling with might, rushed towards Drona for his own destruction like an insect upon a blazing fire.  Soon he pierced Drona and his steeds and car and standard with sixty shafts.  And once more he struck him with many other keen shafts like a man rousing a sleeping tiger.  Then Drona, with a sharp razor-faced arrow winged with vulturine feathers, cut off the middle of the bow of that mighty warrior struggling in battle.  Then that powerful car-warrior, viz., the son of Sisupala, taking up another bow, pierced Drona with many shafts winged with the feathers of Kankas and peacocks.  Drona then, slaying with four shafts the four steeds of Dhrishtaketu, smilingly cut off the head of the latter’s charioteer from his trunk.  And then he pierced Dhrishtaketu himself with five and twenty arrows.  The prince of the Chedis then, quickly jumping down from his car, took up a mace, and hurled it at the son of Bharadwaja like an angry snake.  Beholding that heavy mace, endued with the strength of adamant and decked with gold, coursing towards him like Death, the son of Bharadwaja cut it off with many thousands of whetted arrows.  That mace, cut off by Bharadwaja’s son, O sire, with many shafts, fell down, O Kaurava, making the earth echo with its noise.  Beholding his mace baffled, the wrathful and brave Dhrishtaketu hurled a lance and then a dart decked with gold.  Cutting off that lance with five shafts, Drona cut off that dart also with five arrows.  Both those missiles, thus cut off, fell down on the earth, like a couple of snakes mangled and torn by Garuda.  The valiant son of Bharadwaja then, in that battle, sped for his destruction a keen shaft at Dhrishtaketu who was battling for the destruction of Bharadwaja himself.  That shaft, piercing through the armour and breast of Dhrishtaketu of immeasurable energy, entered the earth, like a swan diving into a lake overgrown with lotuses.  As a hungry jay seizes and devours a little insect, even so did the heroic Drona swallows up Dhrishtaketu in that great battle.  Upon the slaughter of the ruler of the Chedis, his son who was conversant with the highest weapons, excited with wrath, sought to bear the burthen of his sire.  Him also, Drona, smiling, despatched to the abode of Yama by means of his shafts, like a huge and mighty tiger in the deep woods slaying an infant deer.

“While the Pandavas, O Bharata, were thus being thinned, the heroic, son of Jarasandha rushed towards Drona.  Like the clouds shrouding the sun, he quickly made the mighty-armed Drona invisible in that battle by means of his arrowy showers.  Beholding that lightness of hand in him, Drona, that grinder of Kshatriyas, quickly shot his shafts by hundreds and thousands.  Covering (with his arrows) in that battle that foremost of car-warriors stationed on his car, Drona speedily slew the son Of Jarasandha in the very sight of all bowmen.  Indeed, Drona,

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