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like the Destroyer himself in wrath exterminating creatures.  In consequence of his skill cultured by practice and of the power of his weapons, he seemed, as he was engaged in striking down his foes, to bend his bow incessantly drawn to a circle whether when aiming or letting off his shafts.  Indeed, that formidable bow of his, the back of whose staff was decked with gold, was seen by people to be drawn into a perpetual circle as he was employed in slaying his enemies.  Then king Yudhishthira, with a couple of broad-headed shafts, cut off the bow of thy son, O thou of Kuru’s race, as the latter struggled in fight.  And Yudhishthira also pierced him deeply with ten excellent and foremost of shafts.  Those arrows, however, touching the armour of Duryodhana, quickly broke into pieces.  Then the Parthas, filled with delight surrounded Yudhishthira, like the celestials and great Rishis in days of old surrounding Sakra on the occasion of the slaughter of Vritra.  Thy valiant son then, taking up another bow, addressed king Yudhishthira, the son of Pandu, saying, ‘Wait, Wait,’ and rushed against him.  Beholding thy son thus advancing in great battle, the Panchalas, cheerfully and with hopes of victory, advanced to receive him.  Then Drona, desirous of rescuing the (Kuru) king, received the rushing Panchalas, like a mountain receiving masses of rain-charged clouds driven by tempest.  The battle then, O king, that took place there was exceedingly fierce, making the hair stand on end, between the Pandavas, O thou of mighty arms, and thy warriors.  Dreadful was the carnage of all creatures that then took place, resembling the sport of Rudra himself (at the end of the Yuga).  Then there arose a loud uproar at the place where Dhananjaya was.  And that uproar, O lord, making the hair stand on end, rose above all other sounds.  Thus, O mighty-armed one, progressed the battle between Arjuna and thy bowmen.  Thus progressed the battle between Satyaki and thy men in the midst of thy army.  And thus continued the fight between Drona and his enemies at the gate of the array.  Thus, indeed, O lord of the earth, continued that carnage on the earth, when Arjuna and Drona and the mighty car-warrior Satyaki were all excited with wrath.’”


“Sanjaya said, ’In the afternoon of that day, O king, a dreadful battle, characterised by roars, deep as those of the clouds, once more occurred between Drona and the Somakas.  That foremost of men, Drona, mounted on his car of red steeds, and intent on battle rushed against the Pandavas, with moderate speed.  The valiant son of Bharadwaja, that great bowman endued with mighty strength, that hero born in an excellent pot, engaged in doing what was agreeable to thee, O king, and striking down, O Bharata, many foremost of warriors with his whetted arrows, equipped with beautiful wings, seemed to sport in that battle.  Then that mighty car-warrior of the Kaikeyas, Vrihatkshatra,

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