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made by those angry heroes of fierce deeds while engaged in battle was tremendous and made the hair-stand on end.  Then Bhimasena and Dhrishtadyumna, O sire, and Nakula and Sahadeva and king Yudhishthira the Just, loudly shouted, ’Come, Strike, Rush!  The brave Madhava and Arjuna have entered the hostile army!  Do that quickly by which they may easily go to where Jayadratha’s car is.’  Saying this, they urged their soldiers.  And they continued, ’If Satyaki and Arjuna be slain, Kurus will have achieved their objects, and ourselves shall be defeated.  All of you, therefore, uniting together, quickly agitate this ocean-like army (of the foe) like impetuous winds agitating the deep.’  The warriors, O king, thus urged by Bhimasena and the prince of the Panchalas, smothered the Kauravas, becoming reckless of their very lives.  Endued with great energy, all of them, desiring death in battle, at the point or the edge of weapons in expectation of heaven, showed not the least regard for their lives in fighting for their friends.  Similarly, thy warriors, O king, desirous of great renown, and nobly resolved upon battle, stood on the field, determined to fight.  In that fierce and terrible battle, Satyaki having vanquished all the combatants proceeded towards Arjuna.  The rays of the sun being reflected from the bright armour of the warriors, the combatants were obliged to withdraw their eyes from those.  Duryodhana also, O king, penetrated the mighty host of the high-souled Pandavas vigorously struggling in battle.  The encounter that took place between him on the one side and them on the other, was exceedingly fierce, and great was the carnage that occurred there on the occasion.’

“Dhritarashtra said, ’When the Pandava host was thus proceeding to battle, Duryodhana, in penetrating it, must have been placed in great distress.  I hope, he did not turn his back upon the field, O Suta!  That encounter between one and the many in dreadful battle, the one, again, being a king, seems to me to have been very unequal.  Besides, Duryodhana hath been brought up in great luxury, in wealth and possessions, he is a king of men.  Alone encountering many, I hope he did not turn back from fight.’

“Sanjaya said, ’Listen to me, O king, as I describe, O Bharata, that wonderful battle fought by thy son, that encounter between one and the many.  Indeed, the Pandava army was agitated by Duryodhana in that battle, like an assemblage of lotus-stalks in a lake by an elephant.  Seeing then that army thus smitten by thy son, O king, the Panchalas headed by Bhimasena rushed at them.  Then Duryodhana pierced Bhimasena with ten arrows and each of the twins with three and king Yudhishthira with seven.  And he pierced Virata and Drupada with six arrows, and Sikhandin with a hundred.  And piercing Dhrishtadyumna with twenty arrows, he struck each of the five sons of Draupadi with three arrows.  With his fierce shafts he cut off hundreds of other combatants in that battle, including elephants and car-warriors,

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