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in the centre of the chest with some shafts that resembled flames of fire.  And once more, he pierced Duhsasana with eight shafts made wholly of iron and having very keen points.  Duhsasana, however, pierced Satyaki in return with twenty arrows.  Then, the highly-blessed Satyaki, O monarch, pierced Duhsasana in the centre of the chest with three straight arrows.  And the mighty car-warrior Yuyudhana, with some straight shafts slew the steeds of Duhsasana; inflamed with wrath he slew, with some straight arrows, that the latter’s charioteer also.  With one broad-headed arrow he then cut off thy son’s bow, and with five arrows he cut the leathern fence that encased his hand.  Acquainted as he was with highest weapons, Satyaki, then, with a couple of broad-headed shafts, cut off Duhsasana’s standard and the wooden shafts of his car.  And then with a number of keen arrows he slew both the Parshni charioteers of thy son.  The latter, then, bowless and carless and steedless and driverless, was taken up by the leader of the Trigarta warriors on his car.  The grandson of Sini, then, O Bharata, pursuing him a moment, restrained himself and slew him not, for the mighty-armed hero recollected the words of Bhimasena.  Indeed, Bhimasena, O Bharata, vowed in the midst of the assembly the destruction of all thy sons in battle.  Then, O lord, Satyaki, having thus vanquished Duhsasana, quickly proceeded, O king, along the track by which Dhananjaya had gone before him.’”


“Dhritarashtra said, ’Were there, O Sanjaya, no mighty car-warriors in that army of mine who could slay or resist that Satyaki while he proceeded (towards Arjuna)?  Of prowess incapable of being baffled, and endued with might equal to that of Sakra himself, alone he achieved feats in battle like the great Indra amidst the Danavas!  Or, perhaps, the track by which Satyaki proceeded was empty?  Alas, possessed of true prowess, alone he hath crushed numberless warriors!  Tell me, O Sanjaya, how the grandson of Sini, alone as he was, passed through that vast force struggling with him in battle?’

“Sanjaya said, ’O king, the fierce exertions and the uproar made by thy host which abounded with cars and elephants and steeds and foot-soldiers, resembled what is seen at the end of the yuga.  O giver of honours, when thy assembled host was (daily) mustered, it seemed to me that another assemblage like that of thy army had never been on earth.  The gods and the Charanas, who came there said, ’This muster will be the last of its kind on earth.’  Indeed, O king, never had such an array been formed before as that which was formed by Drona on the day of Jayadratha’s slaughter.  The uproar made by those vast bodies of soldiers rushing at one another in battle resembled that of the ocean itself lashed into fury by the tempest.  In that host of thine, as also in that of the Pandavas, there were hundreds and thousands of kings, O best of men.  The noise

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