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monarch, thy son Duhsasana, O king, remained fearlessly in battle and began to afflict Satyaki with arrows.  And piercing the four steeds of Satyaki with four arrows, his charioteer with three, and Satyaki himself with a hundred in that battle, Duhsasana uttered a loud roar, Then, O monarch, Madhava, inflamed with rage, soon made Duhsasana’s car and driver and standard and Duhsasana himself invisible by means of his straight arrows.  Indeed, Satyaki entirely shrouded the brave Duhsasana with arrows.  Like a spider entangling a gnat within reach by means of its threads, that vanquisher of foes quickly covered Duhsasana with his shafts.  Then King Duryodhana, seeing Duhsasana thus covered with arrows, urged a body of Trigartas towards the car of Yuyudhana.  Those Trigarta car-warriors, of fierce deeds, accomplished in battle, and numbering three thousand, proceeded towards Yuyudhana.  Firmly resolved upon battle and swearing not to retreat, all of them encompassed Yuyudhana with a large throng of cars, Soon, however, Yuyudhana struck down five hundred of their foremost warriors stationed in the van of the force as it advanced towards him in battle, shooting showers of arrows at him.  Speedily slain by that foremost one amongst the Sinis with his shafts, these fell down, like tall trees from mountain-tops uprooted by a tempest.  And the field of battle, strewn with mangled elephants, O monarch, and fallen standards, and bodies of steeds decked in trappings of gold, and torn and lacerated with the shafts of Sini’s grandson and weltering in blood, looked beautiful, O king, like a plain overgrown with flowering Kinsukas.  Those soldiers of thine, thus slaughtered by Yuyudhana, failed to find a protector like elephants sunk in a morass.  Then all of them turned towards the spot where Drona’s car was, like mighty snakes making towards holes from fear of the prince of birds.  Having slain those five hundred brave warriors by in means of his shafts, resembling snakes of virulent poison, that hero slowly proceeded towards the place where Dhananjaya was.  And as that foremost of men was thus proceeding thy son Duhsasana quickly pierced him with nine straight arrows.  That mighty bowman then (Yuyudhana), pierced Duhsasana, in return, with five straight and sharp arrows equipped with golden wings and vulturine feather.  Then Duhsasana, O Bharata, smiling the while, pierced Satyaki, O monarch, with three arrows, and once more with five.  The grandson of Sini, then, striking thy Son with five arrows and Cutting off his bow proceeded smilingly towards Arjuna.  Then Duhsasana, inflamed with wrath and desirous of slaying the Vrishni hero, hurled at him, as he proceeded, a dart made wholly of iron.  Satyaki, however, O king, cut off, with his shafts, equipped with Kanka feathers, that fierce dart Of thy son.  Then, O ruler of men, then, thy son, taking up another bow, pierced Satyaki with some arrows and uttered a loud roar.  Then Satyaki excited with wrath, stupefying thy son in that battle, struck him
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