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and therefore, fit to be used in close fight.  Those arrows of the measure of a span and fit to be used in close fight, were known to Drona, O king!  And with them he succeeded in weakening Dhrishtadyumna.  The mighty Dhrishtadyumna, struck with a large number of those arrows, quickly jumped down from Drona’s car.  Then, that hero of great prowess, his impetuosity baffled, mounted upon his own car and once more took up his large bow.  And the mighty car-warrior Dhrishtadyumna once more began to pierce Drona in that battle.  And Drona also, O monarch, began to pierce the son of Prishata with his arrows.  There. upon, the battle that took place between Drona and the prince of the Panchalas was wonderful in the extreme, like that between Indra and Prahlada, both desirous of the sovereignty of the three worlds.  Both conversant with the ways of battle, they careered over the field, displaying diverse motions of their cars and mangling each other with their shafts, And Drona and Prishata’s son, stupefying the mind of the warriors, shot showers of shafts like two mighty clouds (pouring torrents of rain) in the rainy season.  And those illustrious warriors shrouded with their shafts the welkin, the points of the compass, and the earth.  And all creatures, viz., the Kshatriyas, O king, and all the other combatants there, highly applauded that battle between them.  And the Panchalas, O king, loudly exclaimed, ’Without doubt, Drona, having encountered Dhrishtadyumna in battle, will succumb to us.  Then Drona, in that battle, quickly cut off the head of Dhristadyumna’s charioteer like a person plucking a ripe fruit from a tree.  Then the steeds, O king, of the high-souled Dhrishtadyumna ran away and after those steeds had carried away Dhrishtadyumna from the field, Drona, endued with great prowess, began to rout the Panchalas and the Srinjayas in that battle.  Having vanquished the Pandus and the Panchalas, Bharadwaja’s son of great prowess, that chastiser of foes, once more took up his station in the midst of his own array.  And the Pandavas, O lord, ventured not to vanquish him in battle.’


“Sanjaya said, ’Meanwhile, O king, Duhsasana rushed against the grandson of Sini, scattering thousands of shafts like a mighty cloud pouring torrents of rain.  Having pierced Satyaki with sixty arrows and once more with sixteen, he failed to make that hero tremble, for the latter stood it, battle, immovable as the Mainaka mountain.  Accompanied by a large throng of cars hailing from diverse realms, that foremost one of Bharata’s race shot numberless arrows, and filled all the points of the compass with roars deep as those of the clouds.  Beholding the Kaurava coming to battle, Satyaki of mighty arms rushed towards him and shrouded him with his shafts.  They that were at the van of Duhsasana, thus covered with those arrowy showers, all fled away in fear, in the very sight of thy son.  After they had fled away, O

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