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“Sanjaya said, Having the vanquished the Yavanas and the Kamvojas that foremost of car-warriors, viz., Yuyudhana, proceeded towards Arjuna, right through the midst of thy troops.  Like a hunter slaying deer, that tiger among men, (Satyaki), endued with beautiful teeth, clad in excellent armour, and owning a beautiful standard, slew the Kaurava troops and inspired them with fear.  Proceeding on his car, he shook his bow with great force, that bow, the back of whose staff was decked with gold, whose toughness was great, and which was adorned with many golden moons.  His arms decked with golden Angadas, his head-gear adorned with gold; his body clad in golden mail, his standard and bow also was so embellished with gold, that he shone like the summit of Meru.  Himself shedding such effulgence, and bearing that circular bow in his hand, he looked like a second sun in autumn, That bull among men, possessing the shoulders and the tread and eyes of a bull, looked in the midst of thy troops, like a bull in a cow-pen.  Thy warriors approached him from desire of slaughter like a tiger approaching the leader, with rent temples, of an elephant-herd, standing proudly in the midst of his herd, resembling as he did and possessed as he was of the tread of an infuriated elephant.  Indeed, after he had passed through Drona’s division, and the unfordable division of the Bhojas, after he had forded through the sea of Jalasandha’s troops as also the host of the Kamvojas, after he had escaped the alligator constituted by Hridika’s son, after he had traversed those ocean-like host, many car-warriors of thy army, excited with wrath, surrounded Satyaki.  And Duryodhana and Chitrasena and Duhsasana and Vivinsati, and Sakuni and Duhsaha, and the youthful Durdharshana, and Kratha, and many other brave warriors well-conversant with weapons and difficult of defeat, wrathfully followed Satyaki from behind as he proceeded onwards.  Then, O sire, loud was the uproar that arose among thy troops, resembling that of the ocean itself at full tide when lashed into fury by the tempest.  Beholding all those warriors rushing at him, that bull among the Sinis smilingly addressed his charioteer, saying, ’Proceed slowly.  The Dhartarashtra force, swelling (with rage and pride), and teeming with elephants and steeds and cars and foot-soldiers, that is rushing with speed towards me, filling the ten points of the compass with deep roar of its cars, O charioteer, and causing the earth, the welkin, and the very seas, to tremble, therewith,—­this sea of troops, O driver, I will resist in great battle, like the continent resisting the ocean swelling to its utmost height at full moon.  Behold, O charioteer, my prowess which is equal to that of Indra himself in great battle.  I will consume this hostile force by means of my whetted arrows.  Behold these foot-soldiers and horsemen and car-warriors, and elephants slain by me in thousands, their bodies pierced with my fiery arrows.’  While saying these words (unto

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