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“The charioteer, thus addressed, said, ’O thou of Vrishni’s race, fear I have none, O thou of prowess that cannot be baffled!  If thou hast before the Jamadagni’s son himself in wrath, or Drona, that foremost of car-warriors, or the ruler of the Madras himself, even then fear doth not enter my heart, O thou of mighty arms, as long as I am under the shadow Of thy protection, O slayer of foes, countless Kamvojas, clad in mail, of fierce deeds, and difficult to defeat in battle, have already been vanquished by thee, as also many Yavanas armed with bow and arrows and accomplished in smiting, including Sakas and Daradas and Tamraliptakas, and many other Mlecchas armed with various weapons.  Never before did I experience fear in any battle.  Why shall I, therefore, O thou of great courage, experience any fear in this miserable fray?  O thou that art blessed with length of days, by which way shall I take thee to where Dhananjaya is?  With whom hast thou been angry, O thou of Vrishni’s race?  Who are they that will fly away from battle, beholding thee endued with such a prowess, resembling the Destroyer himself as he appears at the end of the Yuga, and putting forth that prowess of thine (against thy foes)?  O thou of mighty arms, who are they of whom king Vaivaswata is thinking today?’

“Satyaki said, ’Like Vasava destroying the Danavas, I shall slay these warriors with shaved heads.  By slaying these Kamvojas I will fulfil my vow.  Bear me thither.  Causing a great carnage amongst these, I shall today repair to the dear son of Pandu.  The Kauravas, with Suyodhana at their head, will today behold my prowess, when this division of Mlecchas, of shaved heads, will have been exterminated and the whole Kaurava army put to the greatest distress.  Hearing the loud wails of the Kaurava host, today, mangled and broken by me in battle Suyodhana will be inspired with grief.  Today, I shall show unto my preceptor, the high-souled Pandava, of white steeds, the skill in weapons acquired by me from him.  Beholding today thousands of foremost warriors slain with my arrows, king Duryodhana will be plunged into great grief.  The Kauravas will today behold the bow in my hands to resemble a circle of fire when, light-handed, I will stretch the bowstring for shooting my host of shafts.  Beholding the incessant slaughter of his troops today, their bodies covered with blood and pierced all over with my shafts, Suyodhana will be filled with grief.  While I shall slay in wrath the foremost of Kuru warriors, Suyodhana will today behold to count two Arjunas.  Beholding thousands of kings slain by me in battle, king Duryodhana will be filled with grief in today’s great battle.  Slaying thousands of kings today, I will show my love and devotion to those high-souled ones, viz., the royal sons of Pandu.  The Kauravas will know today the measure of my might and energy, and my gratefulness (to the Pandavas).’

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