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car.  Then, O Monarch, Satyaki, acting as his own driver, achieved a superhuman feat, inasmuch as he continued to fight with Drona and hold the reins himself.  Then the mighty car-warrior Yuyudhana struck that Brahmana with a hundred arrows in that battle, and rejoiced exceedingly, O monarch, at the feat he had achieved.  Then Drona, O Bharata, sped at Satyaki five arrows.  Those fierce arrows, piercing Satyaki’s armour, drank his blood in that battle.  Thus pierced with those frightful arrows, Satyaki became inflamed with wrath.  In return, that hero shot many shafts at him of the golden car.  Then felling on the earth with a single shaft, the driver of Drona, he caused next, with his arrows, those driverless steeds of his antagonist to fly away.  Thereupon that car was dragged to a distance.  Indeed, the bright chariot of Drona, O king, began to trace a thousand circles in the field of battle like a sun in motion.  Then all the kings and princes (of the Kaurava host) made a loud uproar, exclaiming, ’Run, Rush, Seize the steeds of Drona.’  Quickly abandoning Satyaki in that battle, O monarch, all those mighty car-warriors rushed to the place where Drona was.  Beholding those car-warriors run away afflicted with the arrows of Satyaki, thy troops once more broke down and became exceedingly cheerless.  Meanwhile, Drona, once more proceeding to the gate of the array, took up his station there, borne away (from Satyaki’s presence) by those steeds, fleet as the wind, that had been, afflicted with the shafts of the Vrishni hero.  The valiant son of Bharadwaja, beholding the array broken (in his absence) by the Pandavas and the Panchalas, made no endeavour to follow the grandson of Sini, but employed himself in protecting his (broken) array.  Checking the Pandavas and the Panchalas then, the Drona fire, blazing up in wrath stayed there, consuming everything, like the sun that rises at the end of the Yuga.’”


“Sanjaya said, ’Having vanquished Drona and other warriors of thy army, headed by the son of Haridika, that foremost of men, viz., that bull amongst the Sinis, O foremost one of the Kurus, laughing said unto his charioteer, ’Our foes, O Suta, had already been consumed by Kesava and Phalguna.  In vanquishing them (again), we have only been the (ostensible) means.  Already slain by that bull among men, viz., the son of the celestial chief, we have but slain the dead.’  Saying these words unto his charioteer, that bull amongst the Sinis, that foremost of bowmen, that slayer of hostile heroes, that mighty warrior, scattering with great force his arrows all around in that dreadful battle, proceeded like a hawk in search of prey.  The Kuru warriors, although they attacked him from all sides, succeeded not in resisting that foremost of car-warriors, resembling the sun himself of a thousand rays, that foremost of men, who, having pierced the Kaurava ranks, was proceeding,

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