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with three summits.  The son of Bharadwaja always on the alert for an opportunity, then sped in that battle many other arrows of Satyaki which resembled the roar of Indra’s thunder.  Then he of Dasarha’s race, acquainted with the highest weapons, cut off all those arrows shot from Drona’s bow, with two beautifully winged arrows of his.  Beholding that lightness of hand (in Satyaki), Drona, O king, smiling the while, suddenly pierced that bull among the Sinis with thirty arrows.  Surpassing by his own lightness the lightness of Yuyudhana, Drona, once more, pierced the latter with fifty arrows and then with a hundred.  Indeed, those mangling arrows, O king, issued from Drona’s car, like vigorous snakes in wrath issuing through an ant-hill.  Similarly, blood-drinking arrows shot by Yuyudhana in hundreds and thousands covered the car of Drona.  We did not mark any difference, however, between the lightness of hand displayed by that foremost of regenerate ones and that displayed by him of the Satwata race.  Indeed, in this respect, both those bulls among men were equal.  Then Satyaki, inflamed with wrath, struck Drona with nine straight arrows.  And he struck Drona’s standard also with many sharp shafts.  And in the sight of Bharadwaja’s son, he pierced the latter’s driver also with a hundred arrows.  Beholding the lightness of hand displayed by Yuyudhana, the mighty car-warrior Drona piercing Yuyudhana’s driver with seventy shafts, and each of his (four) steeds with three, cut off with a single arrow the standard that stood on Madhava’s car.  With another broad-headed arrow, equipped with feathers and with wings of gold, he cut off in that battle the bow of that illustrious hero of Madhu’s race.  Thereupon, the mighty car-warrior Satyaki, excited with wrath, laid aside that, taking up a huge mace, hurled it at the son of Bharadwaja.  Drona, however, with many arrows of diverse forms, resisted that mace, made of iron and twined round with strings, as it coursed impetuously towards him.  Then Satyaki, of prowess incapable of being baffled, took up another bow and pierced the heroic son of Bharadwaja with many arrows whetted on stone.  Piercing Drona thereby in that battle, Yuyudhana uttered a leonine shout.  Drona, however, that foremost of all wielders of weapons, was unable to brook that roar.  Taking up a dart made of iron and equipped with golden staff Drona sped it quickly at the car of Madhava.  That dart, however, fatal as Death, without touching the grandson of Sini, pierced through the latter’s car and entered the earth with a fierce noise.  The grandson of Sini then, O king, pierced Drona with many winged arrows.  Indeed, striking him on the right arm, Satyaki, O bull of Bharata’s race, afflicted him greatly.  Drona also, in that battle, O king, cut off the huge bow of Madhava with a crescent-shaped arrow and smote the latter’s driver with a dart.  Struck with that dart, Yuyudhana’s driver swooned away and for a while lay motionless on the terrace of the
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