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old!  No interval can be perceived between his taking up the arrows, fixing them on the bow-string, and letting them off by stretching the Gandiva.  The soldiers are incapable of even looking at the son of Pandu, who is like unto the midday sun blazing in the sky.  So also none ventures to look at Bhishma, the son of Ganga.  Both are famous for their achievements, and both are of fierce prowess.  Both are equal in feats of heroism, and both are difficult of being vanquished in battle.’

’Thus addressed by the Gandharva about that combat between Partha and Bhishma, the lord of the celestials, O Bharata, paid proper respect unto both by a shower of celestial flowers.  Meanwhile, Bhishma, the son of Santanu, assailed Arjuna on the left side, while that drawer of the bow with either hands was on the point of piercing him.  And at this, Vibhatsu, laughing aloud, cut off with an arrow of keen edge and furnished with vulturine wings, the bow of Bhishma, that hero of solar effulgence.  And then Dhananjaya, the son of Kunti, pierced Bhishma in the breast with ten shafts although the latter was contending with all his prowess.  And sorely afflicted with pain Ganga’s son of mighty arms and irresistible in battle, stood for a long time leaning on the pole of his car.  And beholding him deprived of consciousness the driver of his car-steeds, calling to mind the instructions about protecting the warriors when in a swoon, led him away for safety.’”


“Vaisampayana said, ’After Bhishma had fled, leaving the van of battle, the illustrious son of Dhritarashtra hoisting high flag approached Arjuna, bow in hand and setting up a loud roar.  And with a spear-headed shaft shot from his bow stretched to the ear, he pierced on the forehead of that terrible bowman of fierce prowess, Dhanajaya, ranging amidst the foes.  And pierced with that keen shaft of golden point on the forehead, that hero of famous deeds looked resplendent, O king, like unto a beautiful hill with a single peak.  And cut by that arrow, the warm life-blood gushed out profusely from the wound.  And the blood trickling down his body shone beautifully like a wreath of golden flowers.  And struck by Duryodhana with the shaft, the swift-handed Arjuna of unfailing strength, swelling with rage, pierced the king in return, taking up arrows that were endued with the energy of snakes of virulent poison.  And Duryodhana of formidable energy attacked Partha, and Partha also, that foremost of heroes, attacked Duryodhana.  And it was that those foremost of men, both born in the race of Ajamida, struck each other alike in the combat.  And then (seated) on an infuriate elephant huge as a mountain and supported by four cars, Vikarna rushed against Jishnu, the son of Kunti.  And beholding that huge elephant, advancing with speed, Dhananjaya struck him on the head between the temples with an iron arrow of great impetus shot from the bow-string stretched to the ear.  And

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