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exercises.  They are adepts in mounting upon and descending from the backs of elephants, in moving forward and stepping back, in smiting effectually, and in marching and retreating.  Oftentimes have they been tested in the management of elephants and steeds and cars.  Having been examined duly, they have been entertained on pay and not for the sake of lineage, nor from favour, nor from relationship.  They are not a rabble come of their own accord, nor have they been admitted into my army without pay.  My army consists of well-born and respectable men, who are, again, contented, well-fed, and submissive.  They are sufficiently rewarded.  They are all famous and endued with great intelligence.  They are, again, O son, protected by many of our foremost counsellors and others of righteous deeds, all of whom are best of men, resembling the very Regents of the world.  Innumerable rulers of earth, seeking to do what is agreeable to us, and who have of their own well sided with us with their forces and followers, also protect them.  Indeed, our army is like the vast ocean filled with the waters of innumerable rivers running from all directions.  It abounds in steeds and cars which, though destitute of wings, still resemble the winged tenants of the air.  It seems also with elephants adorned whose cheeks flow with juicy secretions.  What can it, therefore, be but Destiny that even such an army should be slain? (Ocean-like it is) vast number of combatants constitute its interminable waters, and the steeds and other animals constitute its terrible waves.  Innumerable swords and maces and darts and arrows and lances constitute the oars (plied on that ocean).[152] Abounding in standards and ornaments, the pearls and gems (of the warriors) constitute the lotuses that deck it.  The rushing steeds and elephants constitute the winds that agitate it into fury.  Drona constitutes the fathomless cave of that ocean, Kritavarman its vast vortex.  Jalasandha its mighty alligator, and Karna the rise of the moon that makes it swell with energy and pride.  When that bull amongst the Pandavas, on his single car, hath speedily gone, piercing through that army of mine vast (though it be) like the ocean, and when Yuyudhana also hath followed him, I do not, O Sanjaya, see the prospect of even a remnant of my troops being left alive by Savyasachin, and that foremost of car-warriors belonging to the Satwata race.  Beholding those two exceedingly active heroes pierce through (the divisions placed in the van), and seeing the ruler of the Sindhus also within reach of the shafts from Gandiva, what, indeed, was the measure adopted by the Kaurava impelled by fate?  At that time, when all were fighting intently, what became of them?  O sire, I regard the assembled Kurus to be overtaken by Death himself.  Indeed, their prowess also in battle is no longer seen to be what it once was.  Krishna and the son of Pandu have both entered the (Kuru) host unwounded.  There is none in that host, O Sanjaya, capable of resisting them.  Many
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