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of Kritavarman.  And taking up and drawing a tougher bow, Yuyudhana quickly shot at his foe, shafts by hundreds and thousands and entirely shrouded Kritavarman and his car with that arrowy downpour.  Having thus shrouded the son of Hridika, O monarch, in that battle, Satyaki cut of, with a broad-headed arrow, the head of his foe’s charioteer from his trunk.  The charioteer of Hridika’s son then, thus slain, fell down from that great car.  At this, the steeds of Kritavarman, deprived of a driver, ran away with great speed.  The ruler of the Bhojas, then, in great agitation, himself checked those steeds.  That heroic warrior then, bow in hand, stood upon his car (ready for battle).  Beholding this feat, his troops applauded it highly.  Resting for a short space of time, Kritavarman then urged those good steeds of his.  Himself devoid of fear, he inspired his foes with great fear.  Satyaki, however, had by that time, left him behind, while Kritavarman himself now rushed against Bhimasena without pursuing Satyaki.  Thus issuing out of the division of the Bhojas, Satyaki proceeded with great speed towards the mighty division of the Kamvojas.  Resisted there by many brave and mighty car-warriors, Yuyudhana, of prowess incapable of being thwarted, could not then, O monarch, proceed a step.  Meanwhile, Drona, having placed his troops in a proper position and made over the burthen of their protection to the ruler of the Bhojas, firmly resolved, proceeded with great speed towards Yuyudhana from desire of battle.  Then the foremost warriors of the Pandava host, beholding Drona thus pursuing Yuyudhana from behind, cheerfully began to resist him.  The Panchalas, however, who were headed by Bhimasena, having approached the son of Hridika, that foremost of car-warriors, all became cheerless.  The heroic Kritavarman, O king, displaying his prowess, resisted all those warriors who, although they had become a little heartless, struggled yet with great vigour.  Fearlessly he weakened, by means of his arrowy showers, the animals of his foes.  The brave warriors, however, (of the Pandava army), though thus afflicted by the ruler of the Bhojas, stood, like high-born soldiers that they were, resolved to fight with the division of the Bhojas itself, from a desire of great renown.’”


“Dhritarashtra said, Our army is equally possessed of many excellences.  It is equally regarded as superior.  It is equally arrayed according to the rules of science, and it is equally numerous, O Sanjaya![151] It is always well-treated by us, and is always devoted to us.  It is vast in numerical strength, and presents a wonderful aspect.  Its prowess had before been tested.  The soldiers are neither very old nor very young.  They are neither lean nor corpulent.  Of active habits, of well-developed and strong frames, they are free from disease.  They are cased in mail and well-equipped with arms.  They are devoted to all kinds of armed

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