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seeing Bhima cased in mail and following him, saluted that hero and spoke unto him these delightful words.  Indeed, heroic Satyaki, with every limb filled with joy, said unto Bhima, ’Do thou, O Bhima, protect the king.  Even this is thy duty above all things.  Piercing through this host whose hour hath come.  I will proceed.  Whether now or hence, the protection of the king is thy highest duty.  Thou knowest my prowess, thou desirest my good, return, O Bhima!’ Thus addressed by Satyaki, Bhima replied, Go then, for the success of thy object.  O best of men, I will protect the king.’  Thus addressed, he of Madhu’s race answered Bhima, saying, ’Go back, O son of Pritha!  My success is certain, since won over by my merits, thus, O Bhima, art today obedient to my wishes.  Indeed, O Bhima, as these auspicious omens tell me, my victory is assured.  After the sinful ruler of the Sindhus has been slain by the high-souled son of Pandu, I shall embrace king Yudhishthira of virtuous soul.’  Having said these words unto Bhima and dismissing him with an embrace that illustrious warrior eyed thy troops, like a tiger eyeing a herd of deer.  Beholding him thus looking at thy army, O king, thy troops become once more stupefied and began to tremble violently.  Then, O king, Satyaki desirous of seeing Arjuna at the command of king Yudhishthira the just, suddenly dashed against thy troops.’”


“Sanjaya said, ’O king, when Yuyudhana, from desire of battle proceeded against thy troops, king Yudhishthira, surrounded by his forces, followed Yuyudhana for reaching the car of Drona.  Then the son of the king of the Panchalas, viz., the invincible warrior Dhrishtadyumna, the king Vasudana, both loudly exclaimed with the Pandava host, ’Come, smite quickly, and rush against the foe, so that Satyaki, that warrior invincible battle, in might pass easily (through the Kaurava host).  Many mighty car-warriors will struggle for vanquishing him.’  The great car-warriors (of the Pandava army). saying this, fell impetuously upon their foes.  Indeed, they all rushed, saying, ’We will vanquish those that will endeavour to vanquish Satyaki.’  Then a loud uproar was heard about the car of Satyaki.  Thy son’s host, however, covered with Satyaki’s shafts, fled away.  Indeed, O king that host was broken into a hundred struggling bodies by him of the Satwata race.  And while that force was breaking, that mighty car-warrior, viz., the (grandson) of Sini, crushed seven heroic and great bowmen in the front rank of the foe.  And, O monarch, with his shafts that resembled blazing flames of fire, he despatched many other heroes, kings of diverse realms, unto the region of Yama.  He sometimes pierced a hundred warriors with one shaft, and sometimes one warrior with a hundred shafts.  Like the great Rudra destroying creatures, he slew elephant-riders and car-warriors with steeds and drivers.  None amongst thy troops ventured to advance against Satyaki

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