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Drona, like a fish through the sea, I will go thither, O monarch, where king Jayadratha, depending upon his troops, stayeth, in fear of the son of Pandu, protected by those foremost of car-warriors, viz., Drona’s son Karna and Kripa!  The distance from here, O king, is three Yojanas.  I think, of that spot where Partha stayeth, ready to slay Jayadratha!  But though Partha is three Yojanas distant I shall yet follow in his track with a stout heart, and stay with him, O king, till Jayadratha’s slaughter.  What man is there that goes to battle without the commands of his superiors?  And when one is commanded, O king, as I have been by thee, who is there like me that would not fight?  I know that place whither I shall have to go, O lord!  Teeming as this ocean-like host doth with ploughshare and darts and maces and shields and scimitars and swords and lances and foremost of shafts, I will today agitate this ocean.  This elephant division, consisting of a thousand elephants, that thou seest, all belonging to the breed known by the name of Anjana and all endued with great prowess, which are all mounted by a large number of Mlecchas, delighting in battle and accomplished in smiting,—­these elephants, O king, that are shedding their juicy secretions like rain-pouring clouds,—­these never retreat if urged forward by those upon their backs.  They cannot be vanquished, O king, unless they are slaughtered.  Then again, those car-warriors numbering thousands., that thou seest, are all of royal lineage and are all Maharathas.  They are called Rukmarathas.[149] They are accomplished in weapons and battling from cars, as also in fighting from the backs of elephants.  O monarch!  Thorough masters of the science of weapons, they are accomplished in fighting with their fists.  Skilled in battling with maces, masters also of the art of close fight, they are equally clever in striking with scimitars and in falling upon the foe with sword and shield.  They are brave and learned, and animated by a spirit of rivalry.  Every day, O king, they vanquish a vast number of men in battle.  They are commanded by Karna and devoted to Duhsasana.  Even Vasudeva applauds them as great car-warriors.  Always solicitous of Karna’s welfare, they are obedient to him.  It is at Karna’s command, O king, that returning from their pursuit of Arjuna and, therefore, unfatigued and unworn, those brave warriors, cased in impenetrable armour and armed with strong bows, are certainly waiting for me, ordered by Duryodhana also.  Crushing them in battle for thy good, O Katirava, I shall then follow in the track of Savyasachin.  Those other elephants, O king, seven hundred in number, that thou seest, all cased in armour and ridden by Kiratas, and decked with ornaments, the king of the Kiratas, desirous of his life, had formerly presented to Savyasachin together with many servants in their train.  These, O king, were formerly employed in doing thy business.  Behold the vicissitudes that time brings about, for these
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