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there is none, save Rukmini’s son (Pradyumna), who can be a match for Drona in battle.  I also am regarded to be a match for the intelligent son of Bharadwaja in battle.  It is plain, therefore, I cannot dare falsify that reputation which I have, or disregard the commands of my preceptor (Arjuna), or leave thee, O king!  The preceptor (Drona), cased as he is in impenetrable mail, in consequence of his lightness of arms, obtaining thee in battle, will sport with thee as a child with a little bird.  If Krishna’s son, bearing the Makara on his banner, were here, I could then have made over to him, for he would have protected thee as Arjuna himself.  Thou shouldst protect thyself.  When I am gone, who will protect thee, who that is, that will advance against Drona while I proceed towards Arjuna?  O king, let no fear be thine today on Arjuna’s account.  He never becomes cheerless under any burden howsoever heavy.  Those warriors that are opposed to him, viz., the Sauvirakas, the Sindhava-Pauravas, they from the north, they from the south, and they, O king, headed by Karna, that are regarded as foremost of car-warriors, do not together come up to a sixteenth part of Arjuna.  The whole earth rising against him, with the gods, the Asuras, and men, with all the tribes of Rakshasas, O king, with the Kinnaras, the great snakes, and in fact, all the mobile and the immobile creatures assembled together, is no match for Arjuna in battle.  Knowing this, O king, let thy fear on Dhananjaya’s account be dispelled.  There where those two heroes and great bowmen, viz., the two Krishnas, of prowess incapable of being baffled, are, there the slightest obstacle cannot happen to their purpose.  Think of the celestial puissance, the accomplishment in weapons, the resourcefulness, the wrath in battle, the gratefulness, and the compassion of thy brother.  Think also, O king, of the wonderful knowledge of weapons that Drona will display in battle when I leave this place for going to Arjuna.  The preceptor, O monarch, is eagerly solicitous of seizing thee.  He is eagerly desirous also, O king, of making good his vow, O Bharata!  Be attentive, O king, to thy own protection.  Who will protect thee when I am gone, who is he that is, confiding on whom I may go towards Pritha’s son, Phalguna?  I tell thee truly, O great king, that without making thee over to somebody in this great battle, I will not surely go towards Arjuna, O thou of Kuru’s race!  Reflecting on this, from every point of view, with the aid of thy intelligence, O foremost of all intelligent persons, and ascertaining with thy intelligence what is for thy highest good, command me, O king!’

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