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“Sanjaya said, ’That bull amongst the Sinis, viz., Satyaki, hearing these words o, full affection, agreeable, fraught with sweet sounds, opportune, delightful, and equitable that were uttered by king Yudhishthira the just, replied unto him, O chief of the Bharatas, saying, ’O thou of unfading glory, I have heard all the words thou hast said, words fraught with justice, delightful, and conducive to fame for the sake of Phalguna.  At such a time, indeed, beholding one devoted (to thee) like me, it behoveth thee, O king of kings, to command him as much, as thou canst command Partha himself.  As regards myself, I am prepared to cast away my life for the sake of Dhananjaya.  Commanded, again, by thee, what is there I would not do in great battle?  What need I say of this weak (Dhritarashtra) force?  Urged by thee, I am prepared, O best of men, to battle with three worlds including the gods, the Asuras, and men.  Today I will fight with the entire army of Suyodhana and vanquish it in battle.  Truly do I say this unto thee, O king!  Safely shall I reach Dhananjaya himself in safety, and after Jayadratha is slain, I shall, O king, come back into thy presence.  I must, however, O king, inform thee of the words of Vasudeva as also those of the intelligent Arjuna.  I was strongly and repeatedly solicited by Arjuna in the midst of all our warriors and in the hearing also of Vasudeva (in these words), Today, O Madhava, nobly resolved in battle, protect thou the king carefully, till I slay Jayadratha!  Making over the monarch to thee, O mighty-armed one, or to that great car-warrior Pradyumna, I can go with an easy heart towards Jayadratha.  Thou knowest Drona in battle, that warrior who is regarded as the foremost one among the Kurus.  Thou knowest also the vow made by him in the presence of all, O lord!  The son of Bharadwaja is always eager to seize the king.  He is competent also in afflicting king Yudhishthira in battle.  Charging thee with the protection of that best of men, viz., king Yudhishthira the just, I will proceed today for the destruction of the ruler of the Sindhus.  Slaying Jayadratha, I shall soon come back, O Madhava!  See that Drona may not succeed in forcibly seizing king Yudhishthira the just in battle.  If Yudhishthira be seized by Bharadwaja’s son, O Madhava, I shall not succeed in slaying Jayadratha, and great will be my grief.  If that best of men, the truthful son of Pandu, be seized, it is evident that we shall have again to go into woods.  My success, therefore, over Jayadratha, it is plain, will be productive of no benefit, if Drona, inflamed with rage, succeeds in seizing Yudhishthira in battle.  O mighty-armed one, for doing what is agreeable to me, therefore, O Madhava, as also for the sake of my success and fame, protect the king in battle.’  Thou seest, therefore, O king, thou hast been made over to me as a trust by Savyasachin, O lord, in consequence of his constant fear of Bharadwaja’s son.  O mighty-armed one, I myself daily see, O lord, that

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