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great might, afflicting my forces!  Thou seest, O mighty-armed one, how that regenerate one is careering in battle.  When several tasks present themselves together, thou art well-skilled in selecting that which would be first attended to.  It behoveth thee, O giver of honours, to accomplish with activity that task which is the gravest of all.  Amongst all these tasks, I myself think, that this (aiding Arjuna) is the first that demands our attention.  The rescue of Arjuna in battle should be first undertaken.  I do not grieve for him of Dasarha’s race.  He is the Protector and the Lord of the Universe.  I tell thee truly that tiger among men, O sire, is able to vanquish in battle the three worlds assembled together.  What need I say, therefore, of this weak Dhritarashtra host?  Arjuna, however, O thou of Vrishni’s race, is being afflicted by countless odds in battle.  He may yield up his life.  It is for this that I am so cheerless.  O thou then go in his track, since persons like thee should follow a person like him, at such a season, urged on by one like me.  Amongst the foremost ones of the Vrishni race, two are regarded as Atirathas.  They are mighty-armed Pradyumna and thyself, O Satwata, that are so famous.  In weapons, thou art equal to Narayana himself, and in strength to Sankarshana.  In bravery, thou art equal to Dhananjaya, O tiger among men, and surpassest Bhishma and Drona and every one accomplished in battle.  O tiger among men, the wise speak of thee, saying.  O Madhava, ‘There is nothing unachievable by Satyaki.’  O thou of great strength, do thou, therefore, that which I say unto thee, viz., obey the wishes of all here, of myself and of Arjuna.  It behoveth thee not, O mighty-armed one, to frustrate that wish.  Reckless of thy very life, career thou in battle like a hero.  O grandson of Sini, the scions of Dasarha’s race never care to protect their lives in battle.  Avoiding battle, or fighting from behind breast-works, or flying away from battle,—­those practices of cowards and wretches are never practised by the Dasarhas.  The virtuous-souled Arjuna is thy superior, O bull among the Sinis!  Vasudeva is the superior of both thyself and intelligent Arjuna, Casting my eyes on these two reasons, I say unto thee these words.  Do not discard my words, I am the superior of thy superiors.  That which I am saying unto thee is approved as also by Arjuna.  I tell thee this truly.  Go then to the spot where Dhananjaya is.  Attending to these words of mine, O thou of prowess incapable of being baffled, penetrate in this host of the wicked son of Dhritarashtra.  Having penetrated into it duly, encounter the great car-warriors, and display, O Satwata, such feats as are worthy of thyself!’”


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