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“Sanjaya said, ’Listen, O thou of great wisdom, to the account of that battle, that makes the hair stand on end, between Drona and the Pandayas headed by Yuyudhana.  Beholding the (Kuru) army slaughtered, O sire, by Yuyudhana, Drona himself rushed towards that warrior of unbaffled prowess, called also by the name of Satyaki.  Satyaki pierced that mighty car-warrior, viz., the son of Bharadwaja, thus advancing against him, with five and twenty small arrows.  Drona also, possessed of great prowess in battle, with deliberate aim, quickly pierced Yuyudhana, with five whetted arrows, equipped with wings of gold.  Those arrows, piercing the hard mount of the foe and drinking his life-blood, entered the earth, O king, like hissing snakes.  The long-armed Satyaki then, inflamed with rage like an elephant struck with the hook, pierced Drona with fifty long arrows that resembled flames of fire.  Then Bharadwaja’s son, thus quickly pierced in battle by Yuyudhana, pierced carefully exerting Satyaki in return with many arrows.  Then that great bowman, endued with great might, and filled with rage, once more afflicted that hero of the Satwata race with many straight shafts.  Thus struck in that battle by the son of Bharadwaja, Satyaki, O monarch, knew not what to do.  Then, O king, Yuyudhana’s face became cheerless, seeing the son of Bharadwaja shoot countless keen arrows.  Beholding Satyaki thus situated, thy sons and troops, O king, becoming exceedingly cheerful, repeatedly uttered leonine roars.  Hearing that terrible uproar and beholding that hero of Madhu’s race thus afflicted, king Yudhishthira, O monarch, addressing all his soldiers, said, ’That foremost one among the Vrishnis, viz., the brave Satyaki, of prowess incapable of being baffled, is about to be devoured by the heroic Drona, like the sun by Rahu.  Go and rush ye to the spot where Satyaki is battling.’  The king, addressing Dhrishtadyumna. of the Panchala race, said, Rush thou with speed at Drona.  Why dost thou tarry, O son of Prishata!  Seest thou not the great danger to ourselves that has already arisen from Drona?  Drona is a great bowman.  He is sporting with Yuyudhana, in battle, like a boy with a bird bound in a string.  Let all of you, headed by Bhimasena, and accompanied by others proceed thither where Satyaki’s car is.  Behind you I will follow with my troops.  Rescue Satyaki today who is already within the jaws of the Destroyer.’  Having said these words, O Bharata, king Yudhishthira with all his troops rushed towards Drona for the sake of Yuyudhana.  Blessed be thou, great was the uproar made there by the Pandavas and the Srinjayas all fighting with Drona only.  Together approaching, O tiger among men, that mighty car-warrior, viz., the son of Bharadwaja, they covered with showers of keen arrows equipped with the feathers of Kankas and peacocks.  Drona, however, received all those heroes smilingly, like a householder receiving guests arrived of their own will, with seats and water. 

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