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it were ill.  The agitated Kuru host, echoing with that blare of conchs blown by brave warriors, seemed to be like the welkin resounding with the noise of thunder and fallen down (through some convulsion of nature).[146] That loud uproar, O monarch, resounded through the ten points and frightened that host like critical incidents at the end of the Yuga frightening all living creatures.  Then, Duryodhana and those eight great car-warriors appointed for the protection of Jayadratha all surrounded the son of Pandu.  The son of Drona struck Vasudeva with three and seventy shafts, and Arjuna himself with three broad-headed shafts, and his standard and (four) steeds with five others.  Beholding Janardana pierced, Arjuna, filled with rage, struck Aswatthaman with hundred shafts.  Then piercing Karna with ten arrows and Vrishasena with three, the valiant Dhananjaya cut off Salya’s bow with arrows fixed on the string, at the handle.  Salya then, taking up another bow, pierced the son of Pandu.  And Bhurisravas pierced him with three arrows whetted on stone, and equipped with golden wings.  And Karna pierced him with two and thirty arrows, and Vrishasena with seven.  And Jayadratha pierced Arjuna with three and seventy shafts and Kripa pierced him with ten.  And the ruler of the Madras also pierced Phalguna in that battle with ten arrows.  And the son of Drona pierced him with sixty arrows.  And he, once more, pierced Partha with five arrows, and Vasudeva with twenty.  Then the tiger among men, viz., Arjuna owning white steeds and having Krishna for his driver, pierced each of those warriors in return, displaying the lightness of his hand.  Piercing Karna with a dozen shafts and Vrishasena with three, Partha cut off Salya’s bow at the handle.  And piercing the son of Somadatta with three arrows and Salya with ten, he pierced Kripa with five and twenty arrows, and the ruler of the Sindhus with a hundred, Partha struck Drona’s son with seventy arrows.  Then Bhurisravas filled with rage, cut off the goad in Krishna’s hand, and struck Arjuna with three and twenty shafts.  Then Dhananjaya, of white steeds, filled with rage, mangled those enemies of his with hundreds upon hundreds of arrows, like a mighty tempest tearing masses of clouds.’”


“Dhritarashtra, said, ’Describe to me, O Sanjaya, the diverse kinds of standards resplendent with great beauty, of both the Partha and our warriors (in that battle).’

“Sanjaya said, ’Hear, O king, of the diverse kinds of standards of those high-souled warriors.  Listen to me as I describe their forms and names.  Indeed, O king, upon the cars of those foremost of car-warriors were seen diverse kinds of standards that shone like blazing flames of fire.  Made of gold, or decked with gold, or adorned with strings of gold and each looking like the golden mountain (Meru), diverse kinds of standards were there that were highly beautiful.  And those standards of

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