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“Arjuna said, ’I think, O Krishna, that this armour hath been put on Duryodhana’s body by Drona.  This armour, tied as it hath been, is impenetrable to my weapons.  In this armour, O Krishna, inhereth the might of the three worlds.  Only Drona knoweth it, and from that best of men I also have learnt.  This armour is not capable of being pierced by my weapons.  Maghavat himself, O Govinda, cannot pierce it with his thunder.  Knowing it all, O Krishna, why seekest thou to confound me?  That which occurred in the three worlds, that which, O Kesava, exists now, and which is in the womb of futurity, are all known to thee.  Indeed, O slayer of Madhu, no one else knoweth this better than thou dost.  This Duryodhana, O Krishna, cased by Drona in this armours, is staying fearlessly in battle, wearing this coat of mail.  That however, which one wearing such armour should do, is not known to him, O Madhava!  He weareth it only like a woman.  Behold now, O Janardana, the might of my arms and that of my bow too.  Though protected by such a coat of mail, I will still vanquish the Kuru prince.  The chief of the celestials gave this effulgent armour to Angiras.  From the latter it was obtained by Vrihaspati.  And from Vrihaspati it was got by Purandara.  The Lord of the celestials once more gave it to me with the mantras to be uttered in wearing it.  Even if this armour were divine, if it were created by Brahma himself, still the wretch, Duryodhana, struck with my arrows, shall not be protected by it.’

“Sanjaya continued, ’Having said these words, Arjuna inspired some arrows with mantras, and began to draw them on the bow-string.  And while he was thus drawing them on the bow-string, the son of Drona cut them off with a weapon that was capable of baffling every weapon.  Beholding those shafts of his thus frustrated from a distance by that utterer of Brahma (Aswatthaman), Arjuna, owning white steeds, filled with amazement represented unto Kesava, saying, ’I cannot, Janardana, twice use this weapon, for if do so, it will slay my own self and my own troops.  Meanwhile, Duryodhana, O king, pierced each of the Krishnas in that battle with nine shafts resembling snakes of virulent poison.  And once more the Kuru king showered his shafts on Krishna and the son of Pandu.  Beholding these showers of arrows (shot by their king), thy warriors were filled with joy.  They beat their musical instrument and uttered leonine roar.  Then Partha, excited with rage in that battle, licked the corners of his mouth.  Casting his eyes on his enemy’s body, he saw not any part that was not well-covered with that impenetrable armour.  With some sharp-pointed shafts then, well-shot from his bow, and each of which resembled Death himself, Arjuna slew his antagonist’s steeds and then his two Parshni charioteers.  And soon also the valiant Partha cut off Duryodhana’s bow and the leathern fence of his fingers.  Then, Savyasachin commenced to cut off his enemy’s car in fragments. 

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